As one of the important centers of modern India Gurgaon needs no further introduction; this has been a pioneering center for business and commerce besides being a center for the developing sphere of the country’s IT industry. Located in the Indian state of Haryana this city is easily accessible from many other places like New Delhi and Chandigarh in the region. Well connected by roads and other modes of transport Gurgaon has easily become one of the choicest places of transfer for professionals coming from different parts of the country in search of better employment opportunities. This has further increased the demand for affordable housing in Gurgaon.

There was an earlier notion that affordable housing in Gurgaon was an impossible dream considering the land valuation and extensive commercial growth of the region. With headquarters of Indian operations of some of the leading multinationals in the world located here, housing projects and residential options were less. With time and an increasing shift of population here from various parts of the country there was a new and fresh initiative taken both by the government and individual real estate companies for housing projects.

For most incoming professionals and new settlers in the Gurgaon region housing accommodations were of primary importance. With an increasing graph of movement for lease and rent amounts purchase seemed like a permanent and an easier option for these residents.

Around the same time in the years after the new millennium, there was a rapid development of housing projects that were a highlight in the region. The place saw international standard malls and huge corporate complexes and there was a diverse range of housing projects which was a mix of high-rise apartments and duplex houses. Plots of land were also available for those who wanted an independent free standing house but within a gated community. It was precisely at that time that the concept of affordable housing in Gurgaon came up for a serious consideration.

With a large segment of buyers from professional fields and considerably young in age there was a natural consideration of the available resources at their disposal. While high priced luxurious projects were also underway and finding considerable enthusiasm among a set of buyers especially non resident Indians there was a market of young professionals that was getting left out. Before long real estate, development companies understood the need to tap this segment of buyers and focused on the options of low cost housing in Gurgaon. There are one and two bedroom apartments as well as duplex houses that are available at reasonable and cost-effective ranges along with financial assistance from some of the best banks known in the country.

Most of the ready to avail projects for affordable housing in Gurgaon there is an official corporate tie-up with banks and financial institutions for housing loans. Since most of the buyers in the region are working professionals, availing financial assistances at easy payable EMI installments is not difficult. There are offers starting from Rs.14 lakhs for a two bedroom apartment going up to about Rs. 35 and 40 lakhs in case of three and 4 bedroom apartments. Apartments in price ranges like Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 25 lakhs are also available.

With the introduction of gated communities, even low cost housing in this area enjoys a high level of security and safety precautions. Well connected by roads and national highways with ongoing projects for international airport and the freeways there are many more potential buyers lined up for these ongoing projects.