The state of Gujrat is amongst the most prosperous states in our country. Gujrat is home to the legendary Lt Dhirubhai Ambani, who created the Reliance Empire in his lifetime. The city of Ahmedabad is the one of the most important cities of Gujrat. Ahmedabad is also referred to as the Manchester of the east due to the presence of a booming textile industry It has a population of 53 lakh.

Now Gujratis do have money. They have been trading for generations. Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that housing in the city of Ahmedabad is bound to be costly. Housing just like any other thing depends upon the demand and supply factor. Now since money is not a factor in Gujrat the demand for housing in the capital city of Ahmedabad is bound to be high. The Ahmedabad urban development authority has is playing its part here. Real estate prices increase once the area is well connected to other places of equal important. Ahmedabad is situated in the central portion of Gujrat. Therefore, it is well connected with other parts of the state. Infrastructure development is very important for real estate to progress. People will just not ant to live in an area where there is no infrastructure. Here also we can see that the role played by the Ahmedabad urban development authority. The infrastructure in the suburbs of the city has increased rapidly. Thus, prices are soaring here.

These modern buildings are giving Ahmedabad a completely new look. Today if you look around the skyline of the city is covered with sky scrappers, shopping malls. Things have really changed in the city of Ahmedabad. Selling your product is an important aspect of business. Now to sell a property you will require the services of property dealers. Here the nexus between property dealers and builders is appropriate. The quicker the builder is able to dispose of the property at a decent profit the quickly he will be able to start his next venture.

Real estate space is available in Sardar Patel Ring road, Kalupur, and the Chandkeda area. Flats available here are of 1200 square feet to 1500 square feet. Some of the latest upcoming properties to hit town are Sahajanad Atlas at Prahladnagar. Here we have two bedroom flats, which are for sale.

Sureel-3, which is situated in the Satellite area, has three bedroom flats to offer to its cliental. Now if you do want variety you can go to Swastik city, which is in the Narol area of Ahmedabad. Here you will find single, double as well as triple bedrooms. You can choose according to your needs.

Real Estate in Ahmedabad

Now living in flats may not be the ideal choice for some. In fact, everyone will like a nice home for himself. It is however, a different fact that some cannot afford to buy land and build houses while some do not have the time. However if you do want to have your own sweet little home in Ahmedabad there are free hold plots in Mahalaxmi Cross road and the Adalaj area of the city. If you want to scale up further Shivalik County is offering you residential project for bungalows in the Ambli area of the city.

Another big factor so as to why people do buy houses are for investment purposes. It is a well know fact that for generations people in India have left their villages and come to the city to earn money. Now Ahmedabad is a trade hub were people from various occupations come in search of a live hood. Therefore, you can buy an extra home and rent it to someone. It will create an extra scope of income for you. Besides the home can be your asset. It has been seen that in India a correct real estate investment can give you unlimited returns. The banking fixed deposit interests are peanuts when compared.

The next factor to be considered is how you buy the property or your home. Now if you have a regular income it is prudent if you avail a loan for yourself. It would be wise if you could save your capital and repay the loan in monthly installments. Various banks or housing finance companies are willing to lend you money. Here you will have to produce you salary slip in case you are employed, or the last three income tax returns you have filed if you happen to be a businessperson. The rate of interest varies according to each lender. However, it is more or less controlled by the Reserve Bank of India. The RBI changes the rates according to the inflationary situation in the market through its monetary policies. The banks or the financial institutions pass on the changed rates to the customer. Loans are also given to renovate properties.

Therefore, if you do want to buy a house in and around the city of Ahmedabad it is no big task. The city of Ahmedabad is filled with property dealers or real estate agents. You will just have to walk into any of their offices and you will get all the information about the latest properties that are coming up in town. The property dealers are also the ideal people to contact you want to rent a home for your self in the city of Ahmedabad. However since you are spending money on the property, please do check the credentials of the property dealer. Sometimes it has been seen that people have been cheated even after paying the full amount. So be a little careful.

With the development of the real estate sector various other things such as home insurance, home security, have also undergone a sea change. A home is everything to the owner. A roof above ones head will let him live in peace. Therefore, please do insure your home against the uncertainties of Mother Nature. Companies providing home security are also doing very good business. Interior decoration is another industry, which is slowly finding many buyers. Everybody wants his life to be as cozy as possible. Interior decorators create the coziness in the interiors of your home. The real estate sector in Ahmedabad is growing at a very healthy pace.