Ahmedabad is fast growing as one of the most developed cities in India. With various opportunities on offer, more and more people are trying to find an abode here besides the local people. The responsibility of the well being of all these people is looked after by the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA). The State Government of Gujarat created this body on February 1st, 1978. The main aim of this development authority is to continue the planned development of the area that falls outside of the perimeter of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation along with the ones inside it. The entire extent of the area under its observation besides that under the Municipality are 107 settlements around it, 4 towns and 103 villages of Ahmedabad district. In area, it can be defined as 129465 Hectares including the 44900 Hectares of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The establishment of the authority is precise with the chairman being Shri Dharmendra Shah.

The mission of the AUDA is to convert the outskirts of the city into quality living place, at par with the main city. Citizens just outside the city should have access to all the basic necessities of life. The development should happen in a planned manner and at a rapid pace, without the use of foreign help and continues forever. The most significant activity of the board is to make a physical plan for the Development of Ahmedabad Urban Agglomeration, preparing a proper town plan and make sure that all the previous plans are executed properly. If some plan is to be changed as per the demand of the project and betterment of the plan, they also carry out that and make sure that it’s well executed. If a project is to be built, then land needs to be procured for that. The board makes sure that the lands are acquired through proper planning. They also make sure that the basic amenities of life like electricity and water supply, proper means of communication, waste disposal and sewage services, construction of social buildings like educational institutions, health care centers, commercial area, amusement parks and other recreation centers are built to come to the aid of the common people and give the city a grand feel.

Auda Ahmedabad

The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has undertaken a lot of plans and projects to improve the present condition of the city. The development of the 60m wide, 76 Km long Ring Road was one of them. The entire budget of the project was Rs 335 Crores. The acquisition of the land had been completed in a smooth manner with 59 Km of the land is in the urbanized part of the city has been acquired as per the Town Planning scheme, the rest 17 Km falling in the non-urbanized part has been acquired through land acquirement. There’re four links of the Ring Road making communications easier through the NHs. Building of flyovers radiating out of the Ring Road at Memnagar Junction, Shivranjani Junction and Sola Junction have also been completed. A number of railway over-bridges like the Pt. Dindayal Upadhyay railway over bridge at Chandlodiya and Shyama Prasad Mukharji railway over bridge at Vejalpur have been constructed. A new 150mld sewage treatment plant for the AUDA areas has been constructed which is looked after by AMC. Various residential projects have also been completed by the AUDA at various places like Nandanvan, Gokul, Varjnagari, Murlidhar, Vastrapur, Sardarnagar etc. The construction of Pay & Use Toilets has been completed at 43 places and another 70 units are under construction presently.

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority Contact Information:

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sankul, Usmanpura,

Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380 014

Phone: +91-79-27545051 – 54

Fax: +91-79-27545061

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.auda.org.in