Aurangabad properties are getting the attention of leading market players and real estate developers owing to the interest shown by IT majors and also due to the recognition of the city as a major tourist place. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has taken a lead in ensuring commercial spaces to the major national companies as well as the international ones willing to establish their branches over here. Shendre, Waluj and Chikalthana are the few among the industrial estates being developed or have already been developed by the MIDC on the outskirts of Aurangabad.

Besides MIDC, CIDCO is also taking several steps to bring phenomenal changes in the overall scenario of commercial as well as residential properties in Aurangabad. Development of New Aurangabad into a well-structured town in order to provide low-cost accommodation having the facilities of gardens, schools, playgrounds, community centers, stadiums and cinema halls is hailed as a big achievement of CIDCO. Alongside, a township circling the trade centers is also being developed by CIDCO.

Fast becoming a major industrial center, Aurangabad is famous for its silk industry. Aurangabad is one of the most visited city of Maharashtra due to its nearness to the sites of Ajanta and Ellora caves. In addition to these, there is also a lot of other tourist spots in the city. Thus, as a tourist destination and as an upcoming industrial city, the state government and the city administration are making big attempts to increase infrastructure facilities and to raise the level of lifestyles. Construction of flyovers, rail over bridges, roads and subways etc. under the aegis of MSRDC will see a positive effect on the further growth of Aurangabad properties.

Although the current pace of development in Aurangabad properties is found to be slower in comparison to other cities of the state, the all-round effort being taken by the government will see a big jump in it in a few years from now. Arrival of mall culture with opening of shopping malls, multiplexes, retail stores, super markets etc. will give a further boost to the development of properties in Aurangabad. Already, a galaxy of housing options are available for the people living in the city, thanks to the interest shown by leading builders in Aurangabad. Several more will be added once the projects waiting in pipeline will get executed.

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