Aurangabad is a beautiful tourist spot in the state of Maharashtra. Whenever the name of Aurangabad comes, naturally, the fascinating scene of Ajanta and Ellora caves comes into your mind. The beauty of Aurangabad is really par excellence. Even a layman will not deny this fact once he witnesses the glamour of this place. You can even see for yourself the majesty of Ajanta and Ellora caves out there. Although Aurangabad has a very desirable climate but to enjoy the place comfortably it is recommended that you visit there in the month of October.

Everyone knows that housing is one of the basic needs of all human beings so this aspect should be given due importance. The Aurangabad housing development authority fulfills your dream of having your own home. Aurangabad is as good as any cosmopolitan city of India. Therefore all amenities are readily available there. There are excellent facilities for food and lodging because most of the hotels are aware of the tastes and preferences of people. ‘Comfort to customers’ is the success mantra of these hotels.

The Aurangabad housing development authority is also quite expert in this regard. They have taken every possible care to transform Aurangabad into a housing paradise; such is the quality of their service. The Aurangabad development authority has taken up a number of ambitious projects for the creation of shopping centers, retail shops, residential & commercial complexes along with recreational zones as well.

For such development projects, all the credit goes to the major builders and government officials belonging to the development authority. The property developers and builders of Aurangabad are quite knowledgeable about the contemporary city lifestyle and this knowledge background of theirs is worth appreciating.

The main reason of their stupendous success in the field of housing projects is their foresight coupled with thorough knowledge about the subject, proper planning, professional design and out-of-the ordinary techniques of construction that are residents’ favorite. In fact, keeping the tastes and preferences of the residents in mind, all their construction projects are aimed at. Obviously, as a professional when you know well what your customers want, you have better chances of success. The same applies in case of the Aurangabad housing and construction authority. It may be mentioned that the expertise and skills of the builders of Aurangabad are not confined to the above mentioned projects alone. They are also experienced in respect of constructing shopping malls, multiplex theaters, restaurants and technology parks.

As per norms, projects are allotted by the development authorities to the respective companies in Aurangabad mainly on tender basis. Then an agreement is made according to the concerned proposal.

Numbers of projects are being developed currently by the companies specializing in housing. It is just for your information that the inhabited areas of Aurangabad are the preferred places where these housing projects are mostly going on due to one reason or the other. For more details, contact –

Aurangabad Housing & Area Devlopment Board

Residence Of Chief Officer,

Board Grahanirman Bhavan, Samarth Nagar,

Aurangabad cantonment, MH,

02402 357259