HUDA Karnal Plot Draw Results

HUDA is the abbreviated form of the Haryana Urban Development Association that has solely taken forward the task of providing quality and cost-effective housing and accommodation to the people. in this regard there have been several areas within and around the city limits that have been developed for sale as apartments and even plots for houses to be built by the owners. The allotment of the land plots are conducted by HUDA on the basis of a draw. There are lands that are sized and divided into specific measurement sizes to be sold to home makers of different sizes. Following this there are advertisements that are posted for the public through various mediums. Applications are invited from all those that are interested in these plots and flats. There is a last date for submission of these applications after which there is a date of the draw that will be held. The process of the draw is one that is computerized and done on a random basis. The results are the names of all those applicants whose names have been selected for allotment of the houses or the land plots.

There have been several such projects that were initiated by HUDA and were eagerly received and welcomed by the public. One among these projects was the one at Karnal. There was an overwhelming response that was received with the declaration of residential plots for sale at Karnal. With several thousands of applications that were received by HUDA there was an eagerness for the date of the draw and its results. There were thousands of applicants who have been waiting for the decision that could change their lives for the better. The much awaited results have been the talk of the town and finally the results have been declared. There is a great deal of enthusiasm among those who have applied and are expecting to find their names in these results.

The results of the Karnal Plots at Sector 33 have been declared and are out for you to check and see. You can log into the official website of HUDA and check the status of your application after the draw results. The official website link is:

Other Karnal Plots

There is an overall developmental process that has been undertaken at Karnal. And this is done with several sectors of the region being divided in plots and sold off. The popularity of the plots at sector 33 has also brought forth other projects in the same region and one of the foremost ones are at Sector 32.

All details are available at the official website. You can log into the site for all further information about the application process and the last dates for submissions. It could be a great opportunity to be able to own something valuable at lesser than market rates. And all of these come with the HUDA assurance.

The HUDA Karnal Plots at Sector 32

There is a declaration for the allotment of residential plots of land at Sector 32 in Karnal. This is organized and conducted under the careful supervision of HUDA. There are booking dates that have been announced for the plot of lands available here. Applications are invited for the draw that will be held soon. The plots at Sector 32 have other developments by HUDA at sectors 33, 8 and 9. The plots of sector 32 will be in close proximity to these highly developed areas and will present their owners with a great place to stay or even invest their money for greater and fruitful returns later.

There are many more attractive terms that are offered by HUDA. One of these is the availability of interest payment on the earnest or the deposit money that is kept with HUDA. There are different rates of interests that will be earned depending on the period of your money deposited with them. Moreover there is also an option of installment payments. This is of advantage especially those who are faced with financial constraints. It can mean hope for accrual of property on lenient terms.

There is a requirement of an amount equals to 10 percent of the cost of the plot at the time of application submission. Then again after a period of one month there will be a payment of another 15 percent required. The remaining amount will be divided in six equal installments. An applicant will be required to pay to pay them systematically as annual installments.

There are several types of plots available at Karnal in Sector 32. Here is a list for your reference.

  • 1 Kanal – There are 131 plots that are available here for sale. The measurement of each plot is 15 by 30. The rate of the plot per square feet is Rs. 8690/ with a deposit money amounting to Rs. 3, 91,100/.

  • 14 Marla – There are 129 plots of land available here. The size of each is 13.5 by 24 meters. The rate per square feet is Rs. 7900/ with an earnest money deposit amount of Rs. 2, 56,000/.

  • 10 Marla – There are 123 plots available here. The size of each plot is 10.50 by 21 meters. The price of each square feet is Rs.7900/ and an earnest money deposit of Rs. 1, 74,200/.

  • 8 Marla – Here are 158 plots of land available. Each plot has a measurement of 9 by 18 meters. The price of per square meter is Rs. 7900/. The earnest money deposit is an amount of Rs. 1, 28,000/.

  • 6 Marla – There are 65 plots here. Each is sized at 7.50 by 18 meters. The cost is at the rate of Rs. 7110 per square feet. The earnest money deposit is an amount of Rs. 96000/

  • 4 Marla – There is a total of 19 plots available here. The size of each plot of 6 by 15 meters. Te cost of per square meter is Rs. 7110/. The earnest money deposit required in Rs. 64000/

You can log in to the official website link of HUDA for all the latest information and updates that are available. There are many more schemes and offers which will be launched soon and may be of great interest and profit to you.