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There is an important role that is played by HUDA or Haryana Urban Development Authority in the growth and development of various townships and accommodation facilities within the state. This organization had been set up in the year 1977 under the provisions of the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act with the sole intent of developing facilities for the increasing demands in Haryana. This demand had been for more residential and commercial complexes. Moreover there was also a population grade seen that comprised of different sections and income groups of people. This made it important that there facilities are made available to the people that would be suitable for all income groups. Over the years HUDA has developed several parts of the state and allocated land plots or even readymade apartments to the people. Among these there are LIG (lower income groups).MIG (middle income groups) and HIG (higher income groups) allocations that have been prepared.

Another unique system that has been the mark of HUDA is its system of organizing draws for the allocation of the plots and apartments or even commercial complexes. There are specific areas and constructions covered by HUDA which is then decided for sale. The process is initiated by the insertions of advertisement through all forms of the media primarily all the leading newspaper dailies. There is a specific date schedule within which interested applicants have to submit the forms along with requisite documents and the earnest money deposit. Usually there is a huge response from the people with submissions exceeding several thousands in number. Following the closure date for the submission of the application forms and the monetary deposits there is a date on which a computerized draw is held. This is a process whereby the names of applicants are randomly selected by the computer for the allocation of the plots or apartments that are available for sale within a particular project.

Over the years of its existence and diligent work HUDA has earned a name for its credibility and successful projects in various sectors and regions of the state of Haryana. Not only has it developed various regions but even provided residential accommodations and commercial complex and office facilities at all levels of budget preferences among the people. The organization has also taken care to develop public utility projects like parks and jogger’s park; children’s’ playgrounds and amusement parks. There are regions that have been marked as natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries too.

HUDA has its own official website which has gone on to become its mouthpiece for all its new proposals for development and forthcoming projects. You will be able to access all kinds of information through the website – from coming projects to the last dates of form submission of any declared projects as well.

There are details of all draw results that have been held with a complete flash of all the selected names. There are also complete details provided for all the draws that will be held in the coming weeks and days. This is an event of this organization that is looked forward by millions of applicants who have submitted their applications in hope of being successful gainers. There are several successful projects that have been completed in places like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonipat, Hisar and Panchkula among several others. The process does not stop here.

There is a regular speculation of disused land in suburban regions that are gradually developed within close proximity of developed places. These are increasingly becoming popular and fast developing with the establishment of housing projects and commercial and business zones. Several top of the line companies have also shown interest in these places and established offices here. The declaration of these projects has been found in the official website of HUDA. There are several dates for the various draws held which is also announced through the website. Once the date of the draw is over there is a complete list of selected candidates that is featured to whom the Letter of Allotment will be given. The dates for the auctions and the draws that are held in case of residential complexes and land plots are usually determined by the number of applicants for the same.

There is a slight deviation of the same in case of HUDA Results for commercial projects and business complexes. Here an open auction is held. There are bids that are declared as in case of an auction. The highest bidder for an offer will be the owner of that deal. There is also the HUDA Institutional Plots Results. The layouts of the designs for these plans need to be approved by the HUDA Administration and the board. That is a crucial prerequisite. Upon that the applicants will be granted the deals. There are regular draws that is usually organized by HUDA. In recent years its successes have been encouraging and have a high rate of popular appreciation among the applicants. It can be easily gauged by the enthusiasm for the projects and the increasing number of applicants. However the huge response and the numbers of the applicants have also at times led HUDA organizers to delay the draws and the announcements of the results. The main aim has always been to evaluate all applications neutrally and in an appropriate manner.

This is also because HUDA has upheld the need for an efficient administration of the applications. Similar standards have also been maintained in all other ranks and offices of its functioning. These include the HUDA Allotments and the organizing of the Draws. There is also a regularity maintained in the revelation of the results soon after through the website and other mediums. The official website is regularly updated with all kinds of information details. HUDA understands that modern generation of applicants keeps abreast through the internet which is also the safest and fastest medium of communication.

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