The city of Bangalore is the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka. Today it is one of the most happening cities here in India. Bangalore is home to the two major I.T giants of the country. Wipro and Infyosis are the two major giants that operate from the city of Bangalore. Thus it is due to the massive job opportunities that are available there has been a continuous inflow of population into cities such as Bangalore. This has led to escalation of real estate prices in an around the city of Bangalore. Today not just the proper Bangalore city but real estate prices have risen even in the adjoining areas such as Mysore road, White field, Malleswaram, Rajajinagar, and Old Madras road. Bangalore indeed is the most happening city today.

The property market today in Bangalore has undergone a sea change from what it used to be some years ago. In fact, since reforms were introduced two decades ago money is now very much available with the Indian middle class. Thus, today people in cities such as Bangalore are very much interested in living life luxuriously. Therefore, the demand for luxury homes in Bangalore is very much on the rise. Interior decoration is a part of living life to the fullest. Interior decorates to are making good money here in Bangalore. People are decorating there homes so that it really looks nice when one has returned home after a hard days of work.

Housing companies here in Bangalore are doing brisk business. Puravankara Projects is one of the largest housing companies here in the city of Bangalore. The focus area of this company is the affordable housing category. It is doing brisk business here in the southern part of the country. Such are the opportunities in the housing market here in Bangalore that national players such as DLF, Unitech, have made there way into the Bangalore market. It has even attracted FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) also. Foreigners are also investing money in the housing market here.

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All this while we were discussing about the housing market here Bangalore. There are many opportunities for commercial real estate here in the city. Residents of Bangalore have the money to spend. Thus, there are many retail outlets coming up all around the city.

Builders are also involved in their construction. The I.T sector has a huge presence here in Bangalore. Other than that, various corporate houses are also setting up offices here in Bangalore. Thus, there is huge demand to build quality corporate infrastructure.

Speculation is something, which leads to price rise. Investors are so bullish about the housing market here in Bangalore that they are buying homes or properties to sell them later on at a huge profit. Even during the 2008 recession, this city was spared. Prices in areas such as M.G. Road, Brigade Road, Whitefield, Jaynagar, are skyrocketing

Moat of the large builders who operate here in Bangalore run personal websites. Thus if you are hesitating to approach ant property dealer you are free to log on to there websites to gather information. This is a city where property prices are soaring.