Bearys Group is a name synonymous with some of the best and sophisticated examples of real estate development in Bangalore. The company that was established as early as 1981 has built a name of worth and credibility with some of the most strikingly impressive landmarks in Bangalore. There are examples of state of art designs and facilities that have been brought together by the skilled plans and workmanship of Bearys Group. Their business acumen has met with the inclination to provide quality accommodations and premises sited for commercial and residential purposes. For many years now the long list of clientele have been able to trust and rely on this group for some of the most meaningful and significant addresses of their life.

Bearys Group was formed with the initiative of Syed Mohd. Beary. The start of the company came with a founding principle. It was a commitment to live up to the trust and confidence bestowed on them by their clients for proving creativity and quality in concrete. The company has successfully launched and completed projects in residential as well as commercial arenas and these have all met with an overwhelming response.

  • Transit Lounge – This is one of the company’s colossal projects and one look at it will explain why. Shaped like a ship which is gigantic in appeal there are boutique hotels, shopping malls and state of art accommodation facilities within. In short, it gives one the feel of a celebrity lifestyle.
  • Haudin Heights – The structural design stands out from the archetypal skyscraper. There is a unique canopy in concrete at the top of the structural design that will catch attention. An imposing landmark this is certainly one of the company’s definitive style.
  • Queens Necklace – This project is uniqueness in structural designs for a huge residential complex. One of the most pioneering designs of its own kind this complex offers its residents the freedom of views and access to their horizons. Landscaped with slush greenery it is a place worthy of homely investments.
  • Pole Star – Breary Group is not just about structuring precision and strength but equally about classic appeal and designing finesse. This is apparent with one look at the Pole Star one of the company’s signature projects. Standing tall but very impressive with its uniqueness in design elements especially at the front.

Breary Group Commercial Projects

The company is committed to leave its mark as a construction and real estate development company. With this in view Breary Group has not left the arena of commercial constructions expertise out of its purview. There are several projects for shopping malls, multiplex complexes and corporate buildings under the banner of this company that are huge not only in their expanses of square feet area but even in terms of innovations of financial investments and designs.

Some of the residential projects of Breary Group that have been completed are as follows. One such commercial project of the Breary Group that deserves mention is the His Grace project. It is truly a masterpiece of concrete imagination and creativity that is given shape in reality. One look at the structure will demonstrate the finery of engineering detailing and the striving for excellence within the research team of the company. The base of the building has a distinct indent which gives it a narrower base compared to the upper levels of the building.

TheGlobal Research Triangle
is another project that is located on the Old Madras Road in Bangalore. This is a blend of artistic creativity and engineering excellence where limits have been constantly pushed ahead for greater feats of success.

Bearys Group Forthcoming Attractions

There is a wide range of commercial and residential projects that are launched and soon expecting completion. These are located across different destinations of Southern India Bangalore being one of the chief centers of the company’s projects. However, they have also spread their operations in places like Mangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin to name a few among others.