Bangalore Development Authority has contributed significantly in the planned development of the city. The housing authority, which came into existence in the year 1976 through a legislation of the state government, has been a driving force behind the continuous improvement in the availability of basic amenities since its inception.

The authority is also looking after the housing needs of those, who cannot afford to own a home on account of mounting prices of real estate property in Bangalore .

The regional housing authority in Bangalore is also working in close association with the city’s Metropolitan Development Agency, so as to develop the city in an organized and well-planned manner.

The BDA allots sites for the construction of houses to housing companies and building contractors, and keeps a watch throughout the process of construction. The authority also brings out regulations and rules, which are to be followed by the builders during the construction process.

Karnataka Housing Board is the other government institution that lays down normal construction rules and regulations throughout the state.

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