HDIL - Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd. India

Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited or HDIL is one of the renowned real estate development companies in India and they have a significant presence in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area. A public listed company, HDIL shares are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange as well as the National Stock Exchanges. The company has projects ranging from residential to retail to commercial, thereby spanning the entire gamut of the real estate industry. In 2007, the company was rated as the fastest growing real estate company in India by the Construction World-NICMAR.

Over the years, HDIL group of companies have managed to complete over 100 million square feet of construction area and has provided homes to around 30, 000 families in the last 10 years. Some of their famous projects are in the form of townships as well as apartment complexes catering to various segments of the society. They have completed several shopping malls of repute in their retail real estate development sector while their commercial operations consist of multiplex cinema halls and office space in prime locations.

Apart from the above projects in the residential, commercial and retail segments of the real estate industry, HDIL also deal in slum rehabilitation projects undertaken by the government agency Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA). In fact, in the year 2007, HDIL was awarded the Mumbai International Airport Slum Rehabilitation Project and as the largest such company dealing with slum rehabilitation, it plays a crucial part in offering replacement housing to those who were displaced by the airport development work and the company played its role in clearing and redeveloping the reclaimed slum land.

The company is rated as one of the top five real estate and construction companies in the country and has been a pioneer in the area of providing affordable housing projects over the last 40 years of its existence. The company has also managed to diversify its interests into new sectors such as SEZ development, energy sector and hospitality industry. Catering to a wide range of clients, the company has different types of projects that will appeal to each of those sections, such as townships aimed at the middle class Indians, premium projects in the commercial sector and also affordable housing projects for those sections of the society that are at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Due to their focus on clearing up slum lands and rehabilitating slum dwellers so that enough land is available for development of various types of real estate projects, the company has derived a unique advantage compared to the other real estate companies in the crowded and valuable Mumbai market. In a city like Mumbai where more than 60% of habitable land is taken over by slums, this aspect of slum rehabilitation is crucial to executing large scale real estate projects. In recent years, the company has made good use of its extensive experience in the real estate development business and has entered the leisure and multiplex markets by means of HDIL Leisure and HDIL Entertainment respectively.

HDIL Projects in Mumbai

HDIL India has successfully completed some amazing projects like Swapna, Sneh, Dheeraj Apartments, Row House Kandivali and Arena. The astounding response received for its past projects motivated HDIL-Housing and Development Infrastructure Ltd., India to undertake several more construction projects like Affaire, Harmony, Dreams, Kaledonia, Dreams-

The Mall and a Multiplex. HDIL-Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd. India has also ventured into the SEZ bandwagon by undertaking Vasai SEZ project in Mumbai. Housing and Development Infrastructure Ltd Caters to the needs of all strata of the society in accordance with their different taste buds, comfort, convenience and most importantly budget while adhering to their foundation principles of commitment to customers, morality as well as provision of products & services. To gather more information related to the past as well as current projects of HDIL-Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd. India in the Western and Eastern regions of Mumbai, check out the following link provided by Indiahousing.com for your convenience.

Website: http://www.hdil.in