Agricultural Land for cultivation and Sale in India

With the expansion of the Grow More Food Campaign, in the year 1947, government of India took the first step to build agricultural extension system. India is a country where ¾ of the population depends on agriculture as a means to earn living. Hence, the net land required to produce food grains to meet the demand of Indian population needs considerable amount of attention. You would get information on Agricultural Land for Sale online from Indiahousing.

Availability Of Agricultural Land In India

About 250 acres of land in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu is available for sale. It is located on the Ouilon-Tutukudi highway, which is 40 kms far from Kerala border and is 25 km away from the Curtalam waterfall which is near Alamkulam town. The plot has an accessible advantage based on the position of the land. This land is very much suitable for all kinds of agricultural activities as it is a plain land with red loamy soil. This plot of land has the facility of free power supply and permanent water. One can also install a daylong drip irrigation system easily here.

Importance Of Agriculture In Indian Economy

It is a known fact that the overall growth of the Indian economy depends much on the growth in agricultural production. India is ranked 6th in the world with a share of 2.7% for the production of agricultural products. Most of the part of agricultural land in the country is land fed. Agriculture is the largest source of employment in India, however, the contribution of agriculture to the national economy is decreasing day by day. 54.7% of land area in India is arable and the ground water resources are up to the mark as well.  

Best Agricultural Land In India

One of the most fertile agricultural region in India is the Gangetic Plain. The peninsular deltas are also suitable for agriculture since the ground water level is close to the surface which makes irrigation possible throughout the year. These lands produce two to three harvests in a year and most of the country’s rice and wheat are grown here only.

Different Types Of Land And Kind Of Produce In India

There are different types of land in India and each type is found in specific locations.

The most important types of soil groups are black cotton and alluvial soil which are found in the Indo-Gangetic Plains, Cauvery in Tamil Nadu, in the Narmada and Tapti valley in Madhya Pradesh.

In Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, you would find the black cotton soil.

These are good for the production of cereals, cotton, oil seeds, pulses, vegetables, citrus fruits, etc. You would find Red Agricultural Land in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar.  Millet, rice, tobacco and vegetable cultivation are best done in this type of land.

There is good news for the farmers as there are various facilities that have been developed for them, they can even own a farm house now, with electricity, tractor and telephone connection. Cashew, coconut, mango are the long term crops that can be cultivated here and the short term crops include different types of vegetables and rice. You would get the best deals at India housing in reference to the sale of agricultural sale in India.

Land Available For Agricultural In India

There are lands available in other parts of Indian as well, the states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have been able to develop infrastructure which would help cultivators and farmers to grow more crops in a particular area of land. Research works are being conducted to develop new tools and technologies to assist farmers to grow more food grains for the ever growing population of India.

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