Centurion Bank India

One of the leading banks spearheading the private sector banks in India is the Centurion Bank Ltd, which renders the best supply in the field of retail and corporate products and services. The Centurion Bank Ltd, also called the Centurion Bank Of India, directly benefits the common mass through its broad and extensive meshwork of several outlets and branches, which are distributed all over the country. The Centurion Bank Ltd has presently 5000 employees recruited under its jurisdiction along with a boosting 403 branches nationwide.

Centurion Bank Ltd assists you in meeting all your pending financial needs by bringing forward the best offers for loans. To meet your high expenditures on ceremonies, home renovations, buying a car or simply for debt consolidation, you may choose to draw a Centurion Bank Ltd Personal Loan and satisfy your needs. Centurion Bank will also sanction you loans, in case you have a bad credit.

Centurion Bank Loans

The basic scheme of the term loan is bifurcated in between the salaried and self-employed individuals. The loan amount for the salaried and the self-employed individuals ranges in between Rs.50000 to Rs.1500000, with a tenure of 12 months to maximum 60 months, charged at an interest rate of 18%-22%. The duration of processing the loan amount is 7 days for both cases.

Home loans are also readily available from the Centurion Bank. The parameters are simple. The loan amount ranges from Rs.1lakh to Rs.50lakhs with tenure of minimum 5 years and a maximum 25 years. The interest rate is floating at 13.75% to the tune of maximum 25 years while the fixed rate is 15.75% for the same period.

Internet Banking

It is recommended to try the Centurion Bank Internet Banking to avoid the long queues. The internet banking facility allows you to smoothly browse through your account details, all your transactions (past and present) and perform all sorts of basic operations like making payments, apply for bank loans, carry on domestic, national and international fund transfer, check any type of fallacious transactions. You can access other features too, like, being acquainted with the banking policies, the several types of loans and their interest offered, the all types of specifications required to execute any banking proceedings.

The Centurion Bank Ltd Online service is open 24X7, which enables you to access your account at any time of the day. Therefore, you no longer have to depend on the specific Centurion Bank Ltd Timings and smoothly work on any type of banking operations without any hindrance.