Chandigarh Development Authority works incessantly to provide better environment for the people living here. It is the task of the authority to uplift the standard of living through a better provision of civic amenities and a progressive change in the infrastructure of the city. Alongside, it is also important for development authorities of a city to take care of the housing requirements of the people living there. In order to focus exactly on this aspect of development, the need was felt to bring about an autonomous body and thus Chandigarh Housing Board came into being in the year 1976.

Chandigarh Housing Board concentrates more on the construction of mass residential houses for common people. It aims at constructing low cost houses for homeless and less affluent sections of the local society and allot the same on hire purchase basis. Over the years, the Chandigarh Housing Board has constructed numerous dwelling units in accord with modern standard and transferred them to the general public at reasonable rates.

CHB houses are available at prices much lower than the rate prevailing in the current market and hence these houses are the most sought after residential accommodation in Chandigarh. Since the demand exceeds the supply of CHB houses, the board usually have to take recourse to draw of lots in order to bring justice and transparency in the allotment of completed houses. According to an estimate, at present, about one fourth of the Chandigarh population is living in the houses built by Chandigarh Housing Board.

Besides construction of houses at affordable costs, these housing and development authorities also take steps to increase the pace of overall development in Chandigarh real estate. This necessitates a healthy collaboration of regional housing authorities and building contractors in order to erect state-of-the-art residential complexes. Besides, a lot of other professionals, such as engineers, home architects, interior decorators etc. also contribute in the construction process.

The work on the projects envisaged by Chandigarh Development Authority is opening up avenues for real estate investors. As a result, the Chandigarh real estate market is advancing with a pace much faster than before. For more info, you can always visit the websites of housing authorities where you can find a lot of other information too. The following link will directly lead you to the authorized sites.