Citibank India

With the dawn of a new age of super fast Indian banking scenario, the message for all the players in the industry was loud and clear at the very outset—‘differentiate or die’. Citibank was of course one of the earliest participants to break ground into the new domain with a plethora of internet banking options that perfectly suited the taste of the milieu. They have amongst their offerings, a great many operational choices that varies according to the type of account a customer holds.

With Citibank internet banking facilities, you are sure to be dealing with the best. For the Suvidha banking account holder, a comprehensive financial statement for a prior period of one and a half year is available on demand. This facility may also be used to download the information for a stipulated interval of time within that interim. Moreover, with a Suvidha banking account, fund transfer to all other Citibank Online colligated accounts is now amazingly easy. In case you are to transfer funds to other bank’s account, Citi provides you the ease of NEFT/RTGS transfers. And why limit the online banking potential to fund transfer only? With Citibank online benefits, you can also accomplish such tasks as utility bill payments, ordering a demand draft, prepaid mobile recharging and even maintaining investment accounts such as a mutual fund account, a demat account or a multi deposits account.

In case one maintains a Citibank Personal Loan account, they are still entitled to an online account statement that lists loan details for the same period of 18 months. Along with it, all information regarding payback schedules and those of payments already made is also available in this report. The option of diversifying ones investment into other financial fields such as insurance is also available.

One can also ask for a top up loan over the existing amount via the online medium itself. Overdrafts facilities are based upon ones securities’ standing in their respective demat accounts. For the home loan holder, repayment is easier, as this can be done via a second Citibank account linked to the first one.

The pervasive growth of the internet medium has meant that business transactions have shifted mostly to the cyber domain. Yet the threat of an account being compromised lurks large and seems a very real possibility, now, more than ever. As such, Citi arranges for a unique internet password option for all their online customers. This ensures a safe gateway for all forms of virtual business and ensures complete safety of customer privacy. In addition to this, the whole procedure of selecting the internet password itself has become much more hassle free. Gone are the days when a customer needed to call Citiphone or visit a branch to request for an internet password; now all you need to do to get yours, is to log onto their website.

By automating most of their processes, the one thing that Citibank Online has achieved to do is to streamline their operations. This has led to cost savings, which in turn has translated into better profitability. Undoubtedly, Citi still dominates, when it comes to banking sector all across the world.