Dehradun Property

Surrounded by the breathtaking heights of Himalayas, the hilly region of Dehradun lies in the bed of Doon valley, and is the capital of the newly-formed state of Uttaranchal. This is probably the best place in the Northern part of India where people can take a break from their busy lives and indulge in the tranquility and peaceful surroundings of the mesmerizing hill station.

Reasons for Flourishing Tourism

Dehradun is located just 230 kms away from the national capital New Delhi, and is also the home to numerous government establishments. With a steady increase in the inflow of tourists from all around the country, the rates of commercial properties in Dehradun have been increasing steadily.

Some of the most important national institutes, like Survey of India, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Forest Research Institute and ONGC, have their prime centers located in the city too. Then, there are tons of top-most training and educational institutes such as Rashtriya Indian Military College, Lal Bahadur Shashtri National Academy of Administration, Indira Gandhi National Forest and Indian Military Academy situated in the city. Consequently, there is a great demand for rental properties in the city, with thousands of students seeking shelter in PG accommodations and shared houses.

Plenty of NRIs have bought holiday homes in Dehradun over the past 2-3 years; needless to mention that Dehradun has been one of the most popular tourist and vacation spots in the country in the recent times. Some of the most popular spots in the city are Sahastradhara, Laxman Sidh Temple, Santhla Devi, Malsi Deer Park, Tapkeshwar Shiv Temple, Lachhiwala and Robber’s Cave. There are other popular tourist destinations like Landour and Mussoorie that are just around 35 kms away from the city. The most popular hangout, where normally people meet up, is the famous Ghanta-ghar. As a result, the rates of commercial Dehradun properties have also gone up significantly.

Today, Dehradun real estate is one of the hottest destinations amongst the investors. Big hotels, steady inflow of tourist visitors and the overall growth of tourism industry have contributed immensely towards both infrastructural and economic growth of the city; also, a closely knit network of real estate agents make life much easier for sellers and buyers.

Almost all the big realtors in India and a some from abroad have either already completed few projects or have all the plans laid to come up with realty projects in Dehradun. These trends have boosted Dehradun property rates like no other city in North India. There is more than one reason why big investors and common people are interested to invest in Dehradun; it is the state capital, which naturally assures high returns on any kind of investment.

Property Rates in Dehradun

Let us look at some of the ongoing pricing trends in different regions of the city. A residential land near the Shimla bypass costs around Rs. 1200 per sq. ft. and is considered as an excellent investment opportunity at the moment. A land near Sahastradhara Road can be comparatively costlier, available at around Rs. 1800 per sq. ft.

he high rates in this region are due to its central location and all kinds of top-class facilities in and around the region. GMS Road can also be an alternative, since it is comparatively affordable and boasts of all kinds of facilities that can be seen in Sahastradhara Road region.

Residential plots cost around Rs. 1450 sq. ft.; bearing similar price tags as that of properties in GMS Road, properties around Raipur road can be another good option for buying residential lands and building independent houses.

Dehradun real estate industry is also witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of ready-made housing solutions. Until only a few years back, only hotels were being constructed every now and then, while there were hardly any apartments or other residential complexes constructed in the city. Today, despite the sky-rocketing Dehradun property prices, we see some of the big realtors investing and constructing apartments and villas in the city.

Such is the situation today that a small 3-bedroom villa near Raipur Road can cost approximately Rs. 65 lakhs, but only NRIs and big investors are looking at such options. There also are many plush size luxury villas for sale; a 4 bedroom villa in Garhi Cantt can be as costly as Rs. 1 Crore!