Dhanlakshmi Bank Jobs in india

Dhanlakshmi Bank was started in the year 1927 in Kerala and was turned into a scheduled commercial bank in the year 1977. Starting out with a capital of just Rs. 11, 000 and employing only 7 people, the bank has registered phenomenal and impressive growth through the years. The performance and financials of the bank have been solid as it grew and it was allowed by the Reserve Bank of India to open as many as 66 new branches and establish 380 ATMs all over the country in the year 2009.

The bank has managed to constantly keep itself updated with the latest technological advances in the banking sector and provide the latest and most innovative financial products and services to its customers. Due to their aggressive expansion all over the country, there are a large number of Dhanlakshmi Bank Ltd jobs in India. For those who have completed commerce and accountancy degrees as well as for those with MBA in finance and marketing, there are ample opportunities to join the bank in their various departments.

They offer a work culture that is competitive yet congenial and provide avenues for its employees to grow in their professional and personal capacity. They encourage their employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance so as to extract the maximum efficiency from them and provide the employees with timely development opportunities by means of training and appropriate job assignments. The Dhanlakshmi Bank Ltd jobs in India cover the entire gamut of banking jobs and range from entry level jobs to highly challenging management jobs. You have the opportunity to apply for jobs such as customer care, cashier, teller, relationship manager, financial advisor, accountant, HR personnel and even work in the security and engineering departments of the various branches of the bank.

The bank also provides a salary and compensation structure that is highly satisfactory, with adequate bonuses and performance incentives to its employees for achieving certain targets set for them. There is a strong culture of rewarding employees strictly on merit and the corporate culture of ethical governance combined with a fair and transparent work ethics. These values ensure that the work atmosphere provided to the employees help in taking advantage of their maximum potential and create an environment conducive to give their best to their jobs.

The current openings related to Dhanlakshmi Bank Ltd jobs in India are usually advertised in all major newspapers in the country as well as available online. There are several jobs suitable for commerce and accountancy graduates wherein they can utilize their educational degree in a practical and empowering atmosphere. The bank provides one of the best salaries and incentives as well as other perks in the industry and consequently attracts the best talent in the country.