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Facility Management in India is gaining momentum day by day. In today's busy schedule where all are striving hard in a family to earn the maximum, you have least time left for household chores like gardening and landscaping, lawn management, waste management facility, general electrical maintenance, garbage collection, security services, home pest control system, periphery services, building maintenance etc.

Moreover, it is not just the paucity of time that come your way in addressing these aspects of good housekeeping. In the context of modern housing pattern, most of these jobs have become highly complex and difficult to handle. The sheer magnitude of work and the technical nuances involved in it demand a dedicated and completely separate system of management. Thus came into existence the concept of facility management and various service providers in the form of facility management consultants, companies or facility managers.

So for this purpose you need to know Facility Managers or Home Managers who take care of your household work with full responsibility and zeal. Facility Management companies offer an entire range of services, both engineering and non-engineering. Some of the most common facility management jobs are:

  • Maintenance of lifts, pumps, generators,

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Garbage collection and waste management

  • Building management and maintenance

  • Gardening and lawn care

  • Pest Control services

Indeed, the services rendered by facility management companies in India are so important and valuable to the residents of a building that many of them are ready to dole out cash for full and timely comfort.

The concept of facilities management is picking up fast across India and has already made inroads in many big cities. It is particularly useful where many smaller houses share the same building structure and most of the household necessities are managed and maintained by a central system, as is the case with flats, apartments and condos. With the increasing instances of such housing solutions in a majority of cities, the idea of facility management has come to stay long in the country. As a consequence of it, we find more and more of facility management consultants and companies coming up in every part of the country.

To make your search easier, India Housing has listed websites of some of the Top Facility Management Companies who are ready to serve you 24/7.

 Darekar Housekeeping

Darekar is run by a team of proffesionals who provide quality services. They work for cooperative socities, individual flats, bungalows, pent houses etc. They undertake cleanliness of your home and provide you with a hygenic enviroment to live. They work for residential as well as comercial complexes.

 South M & C Services

# 57, Bazeer Street,
Nealsandra, Bangalore - 560 047,
Phone: +(91)-(80)-57673910 Fax: +(91)-(80)-25576021

 Updater Services (P) Ltd

No.33, Meerlan Towers,
Hanumantha Road, Balaji Nagar,
Royapettah, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600014, (INDIA)
Phone : +(91)-(44)-281 33420, 281 33430, 281 33440, 281 33450, 281 33460, 52106494

Fax : +(91)-(44)-28133850
Email : facility@updaterservices.com.
Contact Person: Mr. T. Raghu Nandana

 Sartaj Utility Services

E-6/36, DLF City,
Phase-I, Gurgaon - 122 002,
Haryana (INDIA)
Phone no : +(91)-(124)-5051697
Fax : +(91)-(124)-5054563
Email : rajansethi@touchtelindia.net
Contact Person : Mr. Rajan Sethi

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