Color schemes are important part of any bedroom décor. On one hand, it should be such that it has a calming effect on the occupants and induce them to have proper sleep and on the other hand, it should also induce passion among them so that their love life too can remain satisfactory. However, feng shui for bedroom involves more than just the color schemes. The position of the bed, proper movement of chi, compatibility of the occupants’ personal elements with that of the room are all very important aspects of feng shui décor . Therefore, before one can start remodeling the bedroom, there are certain points to take note of.

How to ensure proper Feng Shui for Bedroom

Ideally, the bedroom should be placed away from the main entrance of the house. It should have proper windows to allow free movement of yin and yang energies so that the occupants can feel recharged even after a short rest. At the same time, the environment around the bed needs to be quiet and peaceful; therefore the bed must be placed away from the line of its direct movement.

In general, chi tends to travel from the door to the windows; so the bed must never be placed aligned with the door. Moreover, it should be placed as far away from the door as is possible, but in such a position from where it can be seen. Thirdly, if two people share a bed, it is always better to position the bed in the middle so that none is crammed for room. However, it is always better to place the bed according to one’s own feng shui lucky direction; such directions can easily be determined with the help of the occupants’ Kua number. However, if that is not possible; one can resort to other methods to get the best out of feng shui remedies. At the least, one could make sure there is no ceiling beam over the bed. It not only cuts the chi, but also puts an invisible pressure on people sleeping under it.

One should also keep the area under the bed clean for free movement of the chi. Beds with storage drawers underneath may be convenient for our modern day lifestyle; but feng shui holds such beds akin to coffins and strongly disapproves them. Feng shui also recommends that beds should have solid headboards; they provide protection in the subconscious level and allow the occupants to have deep a restful sleep.

As per Feng shui, the color scheme for a bedroom should always be based on earth colors and it is also important to evaluate one owns personal elements and use remedial colors if necessary. Moreover, lighting should be soft. It is best to avoid having lamps directly over the bed. Having inspiring pictures or images directly visible from the bed is recommended too. On the contrast mirrors should be so placed such that one cannot see his or her image from the bed. Lastly, bedrooms should be kept clear of all clutters so that one can use the room as much for physical relaxation as for mental.