Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art designed to make life healthy and prosperous. However, for that to happen, one has to properly implement it and make sure that the house as well as the neighborhood is suitable for it. There should be nothing in the vicinity of the property that can emit Sha Chi or Si Chi. Indeed; it is one of the reasons why T-junction houses are never recommended by the feng shui masters. Now, what are Sha Chi and Si Chi? The former is actually an attacking energy, which can be created by a sharp angle pointing to the front entrance of a house while the later is a decaying energy, created in places where human tragedy once took place. Instead, one should try to have as much Sheng Chi flowing in as possible. Indeed, one has to make sure the neighborhood is clean and healthy, the backyard is not sloped and there is no big tree or any other structure that can block the inflow of chi in front of your main entrance.

The front entrance of the home is an important factor in Feng Shui. It should open smoothly without squeaking and there should not be odd nails jutting out from the frame or rusty doorknobs creating ugly 

impressions. If there are dead plants or broken pots lying around, they should be promptly removed. The color scheme should also be according to the direction in which it is located.

However, it is not enough to attract good energy into the house only; it should also be channelized through the entire house so that every room gets the benefit out of it. Indeed, if there is a toilet aligned to the front door, there is a good chance that the energies, which enters the house through the front door escapes through it. At least make sure that the door of the toilet remains closed. Placing a mirror on it may also help to divert the energies into other rooms.

According to feng shui, the three most important rooms are the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure they are located appropriately and have good color schemes as well. For bedrooms, feng shui recommends earth tones, flesh tones and colors that are more muted than bright because such colors promotes rest and rejuvenation. Earth colors are also recommended for bathrooms and kitchens because the bathroom already has too much water elements and the kitchen has the fire element. Red ignites passion and so it must be used very carefully.

Lastly, it recommends that homes should always be kept free of clutter and there must be a feel-good atmosphere inside the house. If that is missing, one must seek remedy for that. Indeed, there are cures for every ill in feng shui. Therefore, even if the present establishment is not feng shui friendly, it can be easily made so.