Feng Shui is known to be an ancient art but it is actually an applied science having some principles. Therefore, if one feels that his/her professional life needs improvement, he/she should have no hesitation about trying feng shui in the office. The best thing about this ancient art is that, it does not advocate expensive changes; neither does it recommend any cure that may invite derision from those who have no faith in it. Only the person applying feng shui for office will be aware of that.

For best results one should always consult masters and act according to their recommendations. They will apply the principles of bagua to find the cures. Bagua is actually an octagonal chart, but for the sake of convenience, such charts are also available in rectangular shape. Whatever is the shape, they all are divided into nine segments, each of which indicates a key aspect of one’s professional life. Of course, there are other factors as well. One ought to know his/her personal qua number as well as the personal element to be able to get the best benefit out this ancient art.

As it has been said, feng shui is both a science and an art; that is why unless one is aware of all aspects of it, it is difficult to bring about the desired result. At the same time, even if the principles are applied partially, one is sure to get some benefit. Here are some of the feng shui tips for office.

  1. If the office is situated at the end of a T-intersection, it will result in negative energy inflow. Therefore, it is always best to avoid such a place. Contrarily, the corner is always the best site for an office, especially if the entrance is located on a diagonal to the corner itself
  2. The entrance should always be inviting and if necessary, one should make cosmetic changes to achieve such an effect. As it has already been mentioned, the interior layout should always be compatible to the above mentioned bagua charts.
  3. If a wall or a partition blocks the entrance, mirrors should be placed on it to allow free flow of chi.
  4. The desks should be placed at a diagonal to the doorway or directly facing it. If there is more than one, they should face the centre of the room.
  5. Jutting walls should always be softened with plants. Dull walls should be broken with mirrors or paintings. Green plants as well as water elements in the form of paintings, fountains or aquarium should be added to the wealth corner. Such corner can be easily identified with the help of bagua chart.
  6. It is also good idea to keep a few feng shui coins tied in red ribbon as well as conch shells there. Most importantly, feng shui strongly recommends that the office area should be free of clutters. Therefore, learn to distinguish between storage and clutter; throw away the later for a better professional life.