Different types of floorings for Indian homes

In building engineering and architecture, a floor plan is a scale or diagram that shows clear view of buildings, distances between rooms, empty spaces and other physical structures involved in the design. Dimensions are usually plotted keeping the wall length and room sizes in mind. The plan also includes other details of fixtures like water heaters, sinks, furnaces, and much more. But, you don’t get to know the nitty-gritty of the types of flooring, and the minute details involved in the plan, which is why a specification sheet of materials to be used in the design is prepared along with the floor plan.

What is Flooring?

Flooring is the typical term used for a permanent covering of a floor; it is a term that describes finished textile applied over a floor covering to offer a smooth walking surface. The materials classified as floor covering include area rugs, carpet, and resilient types of floorings, such as vinyl or linoleum flooring.

Types of Flooring

You can find many types of flooring in India, amongst which the most popular ones are listed below -

Many different types of wooden materials are fabricated into this type of flooring. It is available mainly in two forms - parquet and plank. For construction of a building, hardwood, because it is more durable, is often preferred over softwood. In the case of construction of environmentally (green) responsible building, reclaimed lumbar is often used to give a unique and classy appearance.

In wooden flooring, there are many sub-categories like bamboo, laminate, and cork flooring. Laminate appears quite similar to hardwood, but it is constructed with a medium density fiber board or plywood with a plastic lamination at the top layer. It can be developed in many patterns and is considered more durable than hardwood.

Considering the various types of flooring options on the offer, bamboo comes out a great flooring material that is totally natural and comes in different colors, patterns and textures. Cork flooring is considered eco-friendly as it is the by-product of cork oak tree. It comes in both planks and tiles, and it gracefully captures the quintessence of natural wood.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering is considered to be an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial applications; its attractive appearance has been inspiring designers not only in India, but also throughout the world.

Vinyl Plyflor flooring is the perfect choice for educational or institutional buildings, including the college and university floorings. It is a stainless, anti-microbial, low maintenance and eco-friendly product.

Man-Made Stone Flooring

Apart from wooden and vinyl, usage of Terrazzo floor covering has significantly increased. This type of flooring in India is typically used due to its pricing advantage, durability and great composition. It offers deep beauty, and its upfront cost is higher than wooden flooring, but when you consider the long-term perspective, you’ll definitely find it affordable, mainly due to its low maintenance cost.

Natural Stone Flooring

Marble flooring and slates are not suited for heavily-trafficked or commercial areas due to their softness, acid sensitivity and high level of absorbency. This type of flooring in India is used in the construction of bungalows and villas, to give a royal appearance to the premises.

Hard Flooring

It includes wide variety of clay products fabricated into thin materials that are set in beds of mastic or mortar with the joints between tiles (or seal joints). Variety includes terracotta, porcelain, quarry tile, etc.

Natural stones of different sizes, thickness and shapes are used in hard flooring. New construction technology that emerged in 2004 helped a great deal in developing this type of flooring.

Chemical Flooring

Different types of chemical floorings are also available in the market, including but not limited to epoxy, urethane, polyester or latex compounds applied in liquid form to provide seamless flooring.

Sustainable Flooring

It is developed by sustainable process (or from sustainable materials) that reduces demands on eco systems during recycling. This type of flooring creates safer and healthier constructions.

Laminate Flooring

It is a multi-layer synthetic flooring obtained by the process of lamination.

The kind of flooring you give to your residence or office speaks volumes about your personality and the work-environment. It amplifies the beauty of the space, and is, often, the first thing a visitor would notice. The flooring is also responsible for elevating or depressing mood. Now, with so many effects it has, you sure will focus on the flooring when you renovate or build your home or office.