Architects in Guwahati

Home architects in Guwahati are making their presence felt among the residents of the city by designing the overall structure of the houses being built by housing companies in Guwahati or landowners. The co-operation of home architects becomes more important in the light of the fact that Guwahati falls in one of the many earthquake zones of the country. This explains the predominance of typical "Assam type" homes throughout the state, which are earthquake resistant.

But since the pressure of population and the changing pattern of lifestyle have demanded the construction of high-rise building equipped with modern amenities, the aid of residential architect becomes indispensable in order to ensure the safety of these houses and their dwellers. There is even a college under Guwahati University named Guwahati Architecture College, which offers degree courses on various streams of specialization in architecture.

As a result, the city does not lack in the number of qualified architects of every kind. Some of the architects have started their own firm, which make use of latest technology and gadgets, such as home architect software and the likes.To find out more about them, you may refer to any of the following home architects.

Featured Listing
Minu Agarwal Architect

 Address :
  By Appointment, Guwahati, Assam, 781028

 Phone Num :  91-088-76053482


 Address :

 Phone Num :  8876053752

Banka & Associates

 Address :
  A. T. Road, Andhra Bank Bldg, 2nd Fl Guwahati G.P.O. Guwahati-781001

 Phone Num :  0361-2541396

Gemini Mark

 Address :
  287, Rajgarh Main Road, Guwahati- 781003

 Phone Num : 9859382141, 9864058757

A Choudhury & Associates

 Address :
  Dighali Pukhuripar(East), 53,Tayabullah Road, Ambari, Guwahati - 781001

 Phone Num :  +(91)-(361)-2511490

Manab Architect

 Address :
 LKRB Path, Nabin Nagar, AIDC, Guwahati, Assam, 781001

 Phone Num :  91-088-22948081


 Address :
 AIDC, RGB Road, LKRB Path,Nabin Nagar Guwahati -785024 (Assam), India

 Phone Num :  8822948351

Architects Collaborative

 Address :
  M. R. Dewan Road, Chandmari Silpukhuri Guwahati-781003

 Phone Num :  0361-2548301, 0361-2543488

AVD Associates, Nabin Nagar, Guwahati

 Address :
 10, Nerim Lane, LKR Barua Road, Nabin Nagar, Guwahati- 781024

 Phone Num : 9864110331, 9864110331

 Landmark : Near HDFC Bank - ATM

Aakaar Guwahati

 Address :
 Hridayaran janpath,Guwahati, Guwahati H O, Guwahati - 781001

 Phone Num :  +(91)-(361)-(0361 ) 2541186

Prangshu Pratim Bhuyan

 Address :
 Nabin Nagar, Janapath, Guwahati, Assam, 781001

 Phone Num : 91-097-06570843

Architect Consulting Firm

 Address :
 hatigaon, Dispur Guwahati -781006 (Assam), India

 Phone Num : +(091)-(361)-2269785, 9864037554

Design Consortium

 Address :
  M. H. Nehru Road, Panbazar Guwahati G.P.O. Guwahati-781001

 Phone Num :  0361-2546987

STEN Associates

 Address :
 4-A, Century Apartment, Ground Floor, GS Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati- 781006

 Phone Num :  9435115670


 Address :
 16,Nilamoni Phukan Path, Christian Basti, G.s.road, Guwahati - 781005

 Phone Num :  +(91)-(361)-2345919


 Address :
 N.e. India Head Office, Mother Teresa Road, Narangi Tinali, Patharquarry Guwahati -781026 (Assam), India

 Phone Num : +(091)-9085088896, 8822607637

NK Minda And Company

 Address :
 Hanuman Tower, Ground Floor, SJ Road, Athgaon, Guwahati- 781001

 Phone Num : (0361) 2543811

Abani DAS & Co

 Address :
 G S Road, Banghagarh, Guwahati - 781005

 Phone Num :  +(91)-(361)-2457022