Central Park 2 Belgravia


Belgravia is the second phase of development of Central Park- II. It incorporates nine towers in total, each having 16 floors with three apartments per floor. The towers are of two types- A and B.


Central Park 2 Belgravia is located at sector 48 in Gurgaon. This place is just 10 minutes drive far from several shopping malls and central business district in Gurgaon. It is 1.7 km far from Rajiv Chowk which is a major intersection on the upcoming Delhi-Gurgaon expressway (National Highway 8). This project is surrounded by 60 metre wide Sector Road towards the North and 90 metre wide Sohna Road towards the East and can be accessed easily from both ends. This peaceful place provides a soothing and tranquil atmosphere and also let you connect with rest of the world when you choose to be.

Salient Features

  • The master project of Central park 2 has been planned by world's largest architectural firm HOK International Ltd., which has difference for designing the Dubai Marina. And it has been landscaped by globally renowned Green Architects of Thailand.

  • Central Park 2 has four phases: phase one is Bellevue, phase 2nd and 3rd are Belgravia and 4th phase is Blair.

  • Central Park 2 has two entrances- the main entrance is 60m wide on Sector Road, which starts from MG road joining National Highway 8. The second entrance is 90m wide which opens on Sohna Road; it is 1.7 km from Rajiv Chowk on National Highway 8. The drive-in entrance is 150m distanced from the Sector Road in order to avoid noise pollution.

  • The parking area is planned in an excellent way. There will be underground parking for up to 3700 cars, but there will be no surface parking except for emergency services such as ambulance, police vehicle and fire brigade. Guest parking is provided in basement only and there will be provision for handicap and senior citizen parking at convenient locations.

  • There is a park in the centre of the complex comprised of 20 acre area and has 4.5 km long walking track. The park is landscaped with a suitable gradient for cardio vascular exercises. The overall setting of water bodies and mist fans is to supplement relaxing ambience.

  • The central space is completely peaceful and pollution free as the periphery is made to be accessed by vehicles.

  • Different amenities of Central Park 2 include first class clubs, swimming pools, restaurants and an amphitheatre for different ceremonies and get together functions.

  • The complex will offer a crèche, one primary school and 2 nursery schools to provide an open and secure play area for children.

  • There will be one shopping centre situated inside the complex to meet daily needs and requirements of residents.

  • Security provision will be provided at several stages like at the periphery, different gates and lobby levels. Closed circuit camera monitor will be placed at the main entrance gate, periphery roads as well as at the lift lobbies of every tower. These cameras will have recording devices, so that pictures can be stored for crime detection. Along with that each apartment will be provided optional video phones connected to the concierge.

  • A very high level of security control will be provided through the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) systems. Access into the building towers will be restricted by RFID passes and visitors will be given electronic tokens which will allow them to access only authorised parking areas. House-help working in the complex will have restricted access to only authorised areas and apartments. Their entrance and exit will constantly be monitored by sensors placed within each complex as well as from the main security gates.

  • This project is merely 20 minutes drive away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, once the new Express Highway is operational.

  • The new Master Plan of Gurgaon includes a green belt along the rain water canal where no construction will be permissible. This will provide lush green views from Central Park 2 and will improve the air quality in and around the area.
    (14) The entire complex is Wi-Max enabled, henceforth residents will be able to access internet on their laptops in the entire complex.

  • There will also be provisions for recycling water at a very nominal cost. There will also be provisions for complete rain-water harvesting. Furthermore, two tier drainage systems will collect rain water and transfer it to water harvesting wells to avoid water logging.

  • Each tower will be provided with a service floor, so that all services can be terminated at this level without occupying the basement. This will prevent the collection of sewage, waste water, drain water and rain water from creating unhygienic conditions.

  • There will be 24-hour uninterrupted stand-by power supply. Each tower will have its own unitised / containerised transformer which will merge with the landscape and will have an isolated switch that can cut off the power of a tower in an emergency case. To avoid noise and pollution, all generators will be located in a separate area.

  • Each apartment will have provision for piped gas, at an extra cost for residents.

  • As safeguard from any calamity each block will have 2 fire staircases encased by concrete and steel, along with fire proof doors to provide refuge to the inhabitants of the buildings. Staircases will be designed at a distance from the lift shafts, so that they can remain isolated in the case of fire and the lift shaft can work as a chimney.

  • The towers are planned and designed on earthquake resistant structures. Attributing to superior construction technology, the structure of the buildings comply with Seismic Zone V design regulations. The Seismic Zone V design requirements are superior to Zone IV design requirements applicable in Delhi and NCR areas including Gurgaon.

  • The site of Central Park 2 is closed to malls like Omaxe Wedding Mall, International ‘Medicity, the World Trade Centre and international high schools (such as Pathways World School & the GD Goenka International School), and also to Golf Course.

  • The lobbies will be designed by renowned interior designer Hirsch Bedner & Associates, USA. Paved with granite flooring these fully air-conditioned lobbies have 24-hour security providing seating capacity for 8 to 12 people. They will also have a fire control room for emergency evacuation services.

  • To ensure resident security there will be a procedure in receiving guests. The guests will be granted permission to use the lifts, security enabled cards that lie with the concierge will be handed to them. The guest parking of basement will have access to lifts from the lobbies in the basements up to the ground floor, where they can be greeted by the concierge.

  • Lift lobbies on each floor will have access to garbage chutes. The garbage thrown down on these shafts will be collected at the basement and then disposed off.

  • Each tower will have two lifts- one standard passenger lift and another deep lift, which will be capable of carrying patients on a stretcher, in case of a medical emergency.

  • The street lighting is designed by an international agency, which specifically ensures security (due to ample lighting) as well as a serene and soothing effect.

Unique Features

Central Park 2 is situated along the Sector Road which is Gurgaon's one of most sought after locations. This project stands reflecting its larger-than-life magnificence at Gurgaon's newest luxury landmarks. Its large and tall buildings will offer grand view of plush, sprawling improved greens. Along with several convenient services the buildings at Central Park 2 boast stylish designs and structure. All apartments will be featured with wide-spanning windows, marble furnished resort-like bathrooms and fully-equipped imported gourmet kitchens. The important thing about these homes is their rental and resale value which is world class and the residents can flaunt freely their esteemed home address.

Central Park 2 is rated among the National Capital Region's most elite luxury residences and caters to public figures, celebrities, athletes, business people, and other distinguished residents from India and across the world.

Central Park 2 is located just 20 minutes drive away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

To provide active lifestyle to residents, this project provide excellent views of Central Park 2's extensive and 20 acre landscaped greens along with magnificent water bodies sparkle and meandering bicycle and walking trails. Residents can get joys of finest shopping, dining and entertainment activities.

Apartments of the second phase of Central Park 2 boast rooms with balconies.
While designing individual apartments the concern of windows is kept in mind. Today's elites want to enjoy spectacular views, plentiful natural ventilation and abundant sunlight streaming through their windows. So, the special care is taken for 'space' in modern day luxury apartments.

The vehicular access on the periphery ensures that the central vista is completely quiet, safe and pollution free.

There is also gracious provision for additional accommodation for our residents' guests. The guest rooms in their multiple premier club houses are good examples of the quality of service associated with the Central Park brand name.

Apartment Features

1. All door frames are made of solid hard wood and the main door s provided with a magic eye and an optional video phone.
2. The main door leads to the foyer (which includes the guest powder room), which then opens into the living and dining room.
3. The dining room and the master bedroom open into double depth balconies (applicable on 4 bedroom apartments).
4. All balconies are free of air-conditioning units. The apartments are fitted with VRV (variable refrigerant volume) air-conditioning systems which rate higher in energy efficiency compared to their split air-conditioning counter parts. The condensing unit is placed in the utility balcony, which can be access from side entrance which is created for entry and exit of the house-help.
5. All rooms have access to balconies tiled with slip resistant flooring.
6. Each room radiates with abundant natural light and cross ventilation system.
7. Each apartment will has spacious kitchen with kitchen cabinetry and built-in appliances. A garbage disposal grinder is placed under the kitchen sink. The kitchen opens into the utility balcony and servant quarter.
8. The spacious bedrooms have been fitted with imported wardrobes and with en-suite bathrooms.
9. Each bedroom is adorned with warm colours and high density laminated wooden flooring.
10. All external door frames and windows are made of UPVC (Unplasticised Poly-vinyl Chloride) to ensure high levels of sealing and to keep house dust free.
11. Standardized fittings include high quality polished brass, door knobs and door handles. The internal doors and door frames are made of solid hardwood and have a polished finishing. The hinges on the wooden doors are made of brass and have stainless steel pins and washers.
12. All windows are given the provision for fixing double curtain rails, if the owner wishes so. All external openings are made of a combination of convenient sliding and hinged windows.
13. The flooring and cladding of bathrooms will be made of a mixture of imported and Indian marble.
14. Other bathroom fixtures and fittings will be imported from leading suppliers across the world. And 3 and 5 litre water discharge WC’s will ensure water conservation.
15. The provision of separate granite ‘His’ and ‘Her’ wash basins, as well as a bath tub and shower stall in the master bathroom makes bathrooms luxurious and elegant.
16. There are shower cubicles in all the remaining bathrooms except the guest powder room in the foyer. All bathroom counters have chic wooden vanity counters with drawers.
17. Natural light streams into each and every bathroom boasting ergonomically placed health facets and toilet roll holders.
18. The study room has provision to be converted into a Puja room (included in 4 BR apartments).
19. The servant quarters are placed with flush doors made of hardwood frames. House-help access can be restricted to the servant quarter or can be extended to the kitchen if the owner wishes so. Servant's quarter bathrooms also have glazed tile flooring.

General Specifications

Entrance Lobby

  • Walls are painted with emulsion paint.

  • Floors are made of combination of Italian, Indian and other imported marble.

  • Doors are framed with hard wood having panelled shutter.

  • Ceilings are painted with emulsion paint.

  • False ceilings are created with POP and gypsum board.

Powder Room

  • Walls are 3' 6”dado in Italian, Indian and imported marble and remaining area is painted with plastic emulsion.

  • Floors are adorned with combination of Italian, Indian and imported marble.

  • Hard wood framed doors are supplemented with panelled shutter.

  • Windows are adorned with UPVC and are anodized with aluminium frame with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Ceilings are painted with emulsion paint.

  • Italian, Indian and imported marble counter and white sanitary fixtures with imported CP fittings.

  • POP and Gypsum board false ceilings.

Living and Dining Room

  • Walls are painted with emulsion paint.

  • Floors are adorned with combination of Italian, Indian and imported marble.

  • Windows are adorned with UPVC and are anodized with aluminium frame with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Ceilings are painted with emulsion paint.


  • 2' high walls are loaded with vitrified tiles above counter and plastic emulsion paint on remaining area.

  • Vitrified tiles floor.

  • Windows are are framed with hard wood having panelled shutter.

  • Ceilings are painted with emulsion paint.

  • Granite counter with SS sink and CP fittings adorns the kitchen.

Family Room

  • Walls are painted with emulsion paint.

  • Laminated flooring.

  • Windows are adorned with UPVC and are anodized with aluminium frame with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Ceilings are adorned with plastic emulsion paint.


  • Bathroom walls are painted with plastic emulsion paint.

  • Bathrooms are decorated with laminated flooring system.

  • Windows of bathrooms are decorated with UPVC and anodized aluminium frames with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Ceilings are decorated with plastic emulsion paint.

Master Bathroom

  • There is one master bathroom too which has 7' dado in Italian, Indian and imported marble with plastic emulsion paint on remaining area.

  • Floor is made with a combination of Italian, Indian and imported marble.

  • Door is made of hard wood with panelled shutter system.

  • Windows are adorned with UPVC and anodized aluminium frames with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Also has plastic emulsion painted ceilings.

  • Other qualities include 4 fixture bathroom with counter made of a combination of Italian, Indian and imported marble, bath tub, shower area, white sanitary fixtures and imported CP fittings. The 3 bedroom apartments may have single washbasin and bath tub cum shower facility.

Other Bathrooms

  • All bathrooms have walls decorated with 7' dado in Indian and imported marble with plastic emulsion paint on remaining wall area.

  • Floors are made with Indian and imported marbles.

  • Hard wood framed doors with panelled shutters.

  • Ceilings are painted with plastic emulsion paint.

  • Windows of bathrooms are decorated with UPVC and anodized aluminium frames with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Other features include Indian and imported marble counter with white sanitary fixtures and CP fittings.

Servant and Utility Room

  • Oil bounded distemper walls.

  • Ceramic tiled floors.

  • Hard wood framed doors with flush shutter.

  • Windows are made with UPVC and anodized with aluminium frames with 6mm glazed hinged and sliding glasses.

  • Ceilings are made with oil bound distemper.

Balcony and Utility Balcony

  • Walls are painted with texture and plastic emulsion paint.

  • Floors are made with non-slippery cement tiles.

  • Ceilings are painted with plastic emulsion paint and oil bound distemper.

  • Balconies are provided with enamel painted MS railing.


  • Primary and nursery school within the complex.

  • Convenience of shopping.

  • Parks and playgrounds are ensured with safety by peripheral vehicular access.

  • Wide jogging tracks and walking trails.

  • First class club houses.

  • Tennis courts and swimming pools.

  • Full service of spa.

  • Special restaurants.

  • Contemporary café house.

  • State-of-the-art gymnasium facility.

  • 24-hour, complete generator power back-up.

  • World class security and fire safety systems.

  • Two-floor basement parking space for up to 3,700 cars

  • Rest rooms for drivers in the basement premise.

  • Service centre for estate maintenance.