Housing Board in India

Almost everyone in India, irrespective of the state he belongs to, has heard the name of Housing Board. Though the name floats in the India as a foul smell and is considered a nuisance, there are more misconceptions attached to it than we the facts we know.

There are at least 17 Housing Boards across India, and they have been formed with the purpose of expansion and proper development of rightly planned and properly located colonies in their respective states. Establishing a housing board in India was never easy, as it needed extensive research, months of hard work and lot of efforts by the state government of the respective states.

The low home loan rates have made it quite easy for the masses to step up and own a house. This has further improved the responsibilities of the housing boards across the country.

Aim of Housing Boards

The main aims of these boards are to maximize the usage of available resources and contribute extensively towards urbanization of a locality. Let us see some of the prime objectives of these housing boards in India -

  • Construct houses and allocate them as per the income levels - high income, middle income and low income groups.

  • Formulating self financing schemes to help high income and middle income groups.

  • Assure housing solutions to the needy at affordable prices.

  • Construct multi-storied apartments, shops, commercial establishments and rent them to raise enough funds for financial security of the boards.

  • Site selection and distribution of properties.

  • Housing Board Haryana

  • Chandigarh Housing Board

  • Uttar Pradesh Housing Board

  • DDA or Delhi Development Authority

  • Sikkim Urban Development & Housing Dept.

  • Goa Housing Board

  • Karnataka Housing Board

  • Gujarat Housing Board

  • Rajasthan Housing Board

  • Andhra Pradesh Housing Board

  • Kerala State Housing Board

Some of the main Housing Boards in the country are listed below.

  • Punjab Urban Planning & Development Authority

  • Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority

  • Tamil Nadu Housing Board

  • Madhya Pradesh Housing Board

  • Bihar State Housing Board

  • West Bengal Housing Board

Let us now zero-in on the work that the housing boards in India, have successfully completed to date.

Gujarat Housing Board was set up way back on May 1, 1960, and it has successfully got constructed more than 176,754 houses in the state.

AP Housing Board was also established in the same year and has finished construction of well over 69,390 houses comprising of high numbers for low income and middle income groups, along with decent numbers for the high income groups.

Orissa Housing Board, which was found 8 years later, in 1968, has built over 28,500 houses in the state.

Orissa (now Odisha) is also working on coming up with at least 25000 fire proof houses for rural citizens.

The Housing Board in MP was set up under the act of 1972 MP Griha Nirman Mandal Adhiniyam, and since then, it has provided housing solutions to numerous citizens in the state.

HIMUDA (HP Housing and Development Authority) has also done some excellent work from the time it was found. The changed face of the state’s infrastructural growth clearly relates the story of the great efforts put in by the Development Authority in Himachal Pradesh.

The Development Board in Karnataka has also done great work in bringing urbanization across the state. The Housing board was established in the state in 1962, and since then, it has worked towards making Karnataka an ultra-glam state.

Kerala Housing Board has been yet another achiever; since 1971, it has been providing great housing solutions throughout the state.

Madhya Pradesh Housing Board boasts of some of the best residential townships in India. Apart from big townships, it has also successfully completed numerous apartments and commercial projects in the state.

The Chandigarh Housing Board does not lag behind by any means. It has consistently and frequently come up with some of the best planned housing solutions in the country. As a matter of fact, Chandigarh is regarded as one of the best planned cities in the country; kudos to the state housing board.

Responsibilities of a housing board in India are consistently growing; thanks to sudden surge in people, who are now more eager to invest than before.