Land Maps

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To choose a perfect location for your dream home, you are free to access a host of sites that are favorable to your housing requirements. Before beginning the process of construction at a site, you need a map of the location as well as the adjoining areas in order to envisage a perfectly suitable architectural design. These sites offer you flexibility for viewing land map of India from any angle to suit your purpose in the best possible way.

Google Earth is a broadband, 3D application that not all computers can run. The tool enables you to view a wide selection of choices so that you're offered the optimum choices. For instance, you would surely go in for a location which provides you with ample weather conditions, habitable circumstances, adequate water supply and conditions of population.

City and road maps can be duly obtained from geological institutions, which show the topography of the area, average height from the mean sea level, altitude of the terrain, texture of soil and condition of the water table. The maps are windows to the occupation patterns of the city, food habits of the people and natural vegetation. An important aspect of the chart is to highlight as to whether the quarter is a natural or reclaimed land, what with the surging trend of land promotion. At Indiahousing, you're provided with the basics of Land Maps.