Land Resource

Much of India's area of almost 1.3 million square miles is a peninsula jutting into the Indian Ocean between the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east. In a country like ours, despite ample availability of landed terrain, the pressure of the population on land is too much to make room for both food production as well as the realty market. Indiahousing offers information on Land Resource.

Land as a non- renewable energy reserve is in itself related to a host of other elements as availability of water, agrarian structure of the rural and urban economy, etc. Rapid urban development and increasing land use changes due to increasing population and economic growth in selected landscapes is being witnessed of late in India and other developing countries. The monitoring of land use changes is crucial to understand land use over different temporal - spatial time scales for effective land management.

Today, with rapid urbanization and industrialization, there is increasing pressure on land, water and environment, particularly in the big metropolitan cities. Land Resource is further connected to urban sprawl. Hence, the etymology embraces a host of implications, for which you need to browse Indiahousing.

In order to utilize available land resources in India effectively, the country is streamlining efforts in the areas of land resource management. As result, we see a rise in the number of land resource companies, groups and other service providers across the nation.