Land Policy

Land is the most basic factor which is being considered for development over the past several years. Even after many efforts by the Indian Government it has really been difficult to ensure proper land reforms which can contribute to the significant growth of the country. The productivity ratio is on a decline and it is really a matter of grave concern as it would affect the country’s GDP growth. The Government land policies really need to be thought of in a proper manner so that the distribution of land rights, land use and land management takes place in a fair way. Inappropriateness in the policy can however affect the economic and social development. Insecure land tenure, outdated regulations and dysfunctional land institutions contribute to the problems along with discrimination regarding gender or ethnicity. It is based on these policies that a strict law should be devised which can prevent any concentration of land by a single individual.

Land reforms therefore prove to be adequate as they consist of government backed property redistribution of agricultural land for cultivation and farming purposes thus ensuring that every individual gets a fair piece. Land reforms are generally done for the transfer for ownership from the more powerful to less powerful for cultivation purposes. This transfer of ownership can however be with or without compensation and might vary from token amounts to full value of the land. These policies ensure modification or replacement of existing institutional arrangements which are governing the possession and use of land. These reforms are also a major cause for conflicts as when the ownership gets transferred from one person or holder to another. These reforms however might also vary depending upon the state and the policies which are being issued. Apart from the reforms Government also aims at looking after the land acquisition which is a serious concern for the agriculturists.

Land acquisition refers to using the land for infrastructure projects for the development of the area. But this also contributes to the problem of resettlement and rehabilitation. The displaced people are forced to give up their home and assets as well as means of livelihood for the project work. The Indian Government recognizes the need to minimize such large scale displacement with utmost care. Land acquisition resettlement and displacement policy of the Government has therefore been formulated which provides a better standard of living so that a sustainable environment can be provided to affected families. The policy also covers all cases of involuntary displacement as well.

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