Land Registry System in India

In the year 2008, the Department of Land Resources, India, chalked a report that encouraged changes to the nation’s land & property registration process, with a registry format that is almost similar to that in the UK. This is a system or process of conclusive titles that can guarantee proper land distribution and registration. The system has helped to combat all types of frauds and cheatings over property exchanges that are increasing as the nation’s real estate market opens up.

Under this law or system, one single agency can handle all land titles and records so that the real ownership is documented and guaranteed. Registration of land & property now amounts to a certification of the transaction and however, it does not ensure the title of the property. At present, in order to verify the title, a prospective buyer or promoter has to do an extensive research work through various sources. Apart from land registering, the related department is also computerizing all land records using Geographic Information System (GIS). The process is able to combine the two programs into the National Land Records Modernization Program. The process is capable to digitize almost all the land records and with the help of other services can help many businesses, real estate, banks, emergency management and credit companies.

With proper land registration process, the ultimate beneficiaries are the state and the central governments. Moreover, when someone purchase and register one piece of land, that person becomes the owner of that land. One can avoid any litigation and confusion if land registry is done properly and on time. Thus you can avoid any sort of dispute if you follow all the rules of land & property registration.

Land Registry in India

Land registry in India is something that is handled by the individual authority of each state. In India, each and every state has their respective land and property registration authority. Each authority set certain rules and regulations about the form and charges that are required for registering land. The rate or registering fees can be different in different states. However, more or less the entire process of land registry is the same across the nation.

The fundamental steps that are required to follow while registering land in India are as follows:

The initial step that you need to follow is to go to the office of Sub-Registrar of Assurance. The main purposes for the visit is to search documents connect to the property purchased. You have to check the details of the location of land & property and also make a note regarding the time frame that is needed to be checked. The cost of this process may go up to INR 10,000 and can take about 5 days to go through this stage.

Next comes the second stage which involves the groundwork of documents related to sale and is done by the purchase lawyers. This job may take the maximum time of one week and can cost you INR 18,000 to INR 21,000 approximately.
After you sail through the 2nd stage, the fee for Stamp Duty on the final Sale Deed is made. The amount is required to get deposited at a bank. The entire process can take one whole day to complete. That amount that is paid by you for the cost of Stamp Duty is 5% of the total value of the land & property that you want to register.

Then comes the next stage where the execution of the final Sale Deed happens in which it is mandatory for you to submit all the documents that verify the real estate transactions that take place between the purchaser and the supplier of the land. You have to pay the fees and all other chargeable amounts at the office of Sub-Registrar of Assurance and the amount may rise up to INR 30,000 furthermore to the amount you pay for the scanning of the Sale Deed.

The last and not the least stage allow you to go to the local municipal authority to do the mutation of the title of the land & property. The entire process normally takes one month and can cost you about INR 300 for Land Survey.

Before purchasing land, you have to make sure you do proper research work about the form of land, whether the land you purchase is an agricultural land or land that can be used for other commercial purposes or even to erect a building of your own. Also, buy lands through genuine and authentic brokers or agents. You can also get it directly from the landowners. This will help is registering the property with ease and without any hurdles.

Typically the Land Laws of India along with the Registration Act, 1908, has helped a lot in proper transfer of lands from one owner to another. The laws also help to solve all possible disputes that may arise in the future. The government and the municipal authorities can impose the proper tax on these lands which are registered and thus can earn capital that can be invested for the development of India. This registration of land and property also help the government officials to track a record of each property and create a proper land map of the country. With proper registration of land you can get proper compensation if that piece of land is acquired by the government or some other private companies.

In the present day, you get the facility for registering the land and other properties online. Land registry is made mandatory to secure your own property as well as the property of India. This also helps in proper governance and you get the justified and proper land management services from the government. It is your right as a citizen of India to register your land and properties and give and take all the benefits to and from the government.

Online Land Registry in India

The Land Registration Act of 2002 has introduced the system of online registration of land. This has numerous benefits for the people as well as the government and municipal authorities. This has helped all to get rid of all the boring paper works and all the edition and addition can be done easily with the help of technology. Moreover, all lands can be tracked properly just by one click on the button of the online land registration system. This has also eliminated errors and has encouraged transparency in valuation of the land.


In this online system of online land registration, application form can be either downloaded online or obtained from the respective authority’s office. Then proper verification of form is done and then the related documents of the concerned person are verified and thus the land that is to be registered and the registration process get complete.

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