Lord Krishna Bank Jobs


Lord Krishna Bank is private sector bank with the headquarters at Kodungallur in Thrissur District of Kerala in India. The bank was started in 1940. The bank grew at a steady pace. The bank also received a boost once Puri Group became promoter of this bank. This bank merged with Centurion Bank of Punjab in 2007.

Lord Krishna Bank Jobs in India

The scope of banking jobs in India has increased a lot. The bank jobs India are very exciting and at the same time are highly stressful. The profession in banks involves public dealing. The salary for the bank jobs is over 6 digits per month or even more.

Lord Krishna Bank is expanding and so are the jobs in this bank. As a result the career prospects are also good with this bank. In the field of Marketing, Finance, and Accounting the bank prefers management trainees. This bank is also gearing up for the retail market. The management graduates have good future in the retail business. Career in Lord Krishna Bank offers good prospect for the people having an aptitude for finance. The management positions are well paid. The work includes travel and various other company benefits. One can start career in banking with a minimum qualification. For entry level job a person needs to be just a graduate. The persons having management potential are provided with on the job training.

Lord Krishna Bank recruitment offers various jobs. Let us look into few of the job profiles:

  • Bank Teller: This role involves focusing on the minute details such as verifying the name, date and even identity of the customers.

  • Financial Managers: This role involves formulating financial policies and helping even in implementing these, forecasting business, managing different branches of the bank, minimizing losses in the insurance sector, preparing financial reports, and much more. Moreover the financial manager can work as credit managers, cash managers, controller, treasurer, or even risk manager.

  • Loan Officer: This role involves checking the eligibility of the people who intend to get loans. The credit worthiness needs to be checked. Only after making a proper evaluation of the loan application of the clients the loan officer approves or rejects the loan.

  • Bill and Account Collector: This role involves collection of money overdue from the debtors.

  • Auditing Clerks: This role involves recording and classifying financial data and also keeping track of the financial records.

  • Financial Service Representative: This role involves promoting various products and services being offered by the bank, and also opening and closing of the bank accounts.

Apart from these Lord Krishna Bank offers various other types of jobs also. The most important thing that anybody who is applying for job in the bank needs to take care is the understanding with clients in terms of business plans as well as personal.