Mizuho Corporate Bank - Products and Services


Mizuho bank is a division of Mizuho Financial Group. It is a Japanese financial bank with two branches in India - one in Mumbai, and another in New Delhi.

Mizuho Corporate Bank was started in the year 2002, and it is the investment and corporate banking subsidiary of Mizuho Group. Financial Group of Mizuho is the second largest service provider with respect to its financial operations in Japan. The bank’s headquarters are based at Japan and the Mizuho Corporate Bank offers a wide range of financial services to meet the requirements of its customers with vivid portfolios.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. is a result of merger of investment and corporate banking division of Dai-Ichi Kangyo and Fuji Bank with Japan Industrial Bank. Headquarters of Mizuho bank are located in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

When it comes to the market share, Mizuho Corporate Bank is the best in Japan with respect to investments and corporate clientele. The bank is also supported by trustworthiness and financial strength of Mizuho Financial Group. Mizuho Corporate Bank is under Japan’s Financial Futures Association and Securities Dealers Association of Japan.

Clientele of Mizuho Corporate Bank

Mizuho Corporate Bank mainly deals with the following types of clients:

  • Major Corporations/Financial Institutions

  • National Governmental Public Sector Entities, and

  • Overseas Corporations

Products and Services

The bank offers a wide range of services and products. Various financial products include:

  • Custodial Services and Investment Banking

  • M&A Finance and Corporate Restructuring Business

  • Client Asset Securitization

  • Real Estate Finance

  • Syndicated Loans

  • Project Finance

  • Bond Administrative Services

  • CLO Management Business

Market Products

  • Trading and Sales

  • Risk Management System trading

  • Global Network

Financial Services

  • Yen Custody

  • Cash Management Services (CMS)

  • Yen Clearing

  • Mizuho e-Market Financial

  • Mizuho e-Business Site

  • Mizuho Global CMS

  • Mizuho Web-Answer Service

  • Best Receiver

  • Mizuho PC Service

Asset Management Services

  • Trust-Related Services

  • Asset Management Services

  • Investment Trust-Related Services

Custody Services

  • Japan Market Topics

  • Corporate Actions News

  • Market Profile of Japan

  • Mizuho Custody Newsletter

Loans Granted by Mizuho corporate bank

Business loans from are offered exclusively to business owners and corporate entities. A corporate loan scheme of this bank ranges from realty achievement funding to syndicated loans. Loans will be available for various business functions like -

  • Real Estate Financing: As the name suggests, real estate financing is done to help customers combat their real estate needs. Loans are granted to customers to purchase and improve the immovable assets. The bank even provides loans for procurement of land. It advises clients to expedite the best process.

  • Project Finance: It grants loans for large scale business like infrastructure developments and for electric power generating plants. Project finance is offered on a case-by-case basis; it is also used to match the financial obligations of that particular project. Priority is offered to environment-friendly projects.

  • Acquisition Finance: Acquisition finance is offered to the clients for leveraging business requirements and opportunities. Funds can be available for business revitalization.

  • Guaranteed Loan Obligation Management: Clients are granted this loan by underlying collateral. This particular activity of Mizuho bank is international in nature and more often than not involves the advisory of the external management service firms.

  • Bond Administrative Services: Bond administrative services are offered by the bank for corporate bonds and asset backed securities. The bank acts as trustee agent or fiscal authority for administration.

  • Syndicated Loans: This type of loan is offered with an active participation of Mizuho Financial Group with various kinds of syndications. Currently, it’s a dominant market leader in the Asian syndicated loan markets; not to mention great presence in the US and Europe.

Mizuho Corporate Bank doesn’t offer any form of credit cards to its Indian customers, currently. They do offer monetary settlements, foreign exchange and asset management offerings, along with Yen Clearing Services, intended to implement their settlement services on a global level.

Mizuho e-Business Site is a great service provided by the Mizuho Corporate Bank that enables its customers to make requests for transactions and seek necessary information, including but not limited to remittances/foreign exchange, as well domestic transfers.