Plots in Nagpur

The city of Nagpur in the Indian state of Maharashtra has several advantages to its boundaries that make it a popular choice for settlement and industrial investment. Well known as the winter capital of the state this is one of the largest urban centers of the country. Already known for its commercial and industrial development Nagpur presents its residents with one of the cleanest environs for settlement. With lush green landscapes and a center of orange cultivation there is an equal scope for business and commercial endeavors. This is also reflected greatly in the sale of plots in Nagpur. There are sectors developed for residential and commercial or IT business zones. Agricultural plots in Nagpur are also equally popular in their availability.

Residential Plots In Nagpur

There are several areas and zones that have been marked for existing and developing residential plots in Nagpur. Available land through NATP plots on the State Highway, New Nagpur, Wardha Road and New Metro Nagpur are some of the regions where residential plots are available and are also seen as viable for investment reasons.

Here are some of the available areas for residential plots in Nagpur.

  • Wardha Road

  • Range of prices for residential plots vary from Rs. 350/ per square feet to Rs. 2500/ per square feet.

  • Trimurti Nagar

  • There is an asking rate of approximately Rs. 3000/ per square feet in this region.

  • Manish Nagar

  • There is a varying range of prices in this region between Rs. 1500/ per square feet and Rs. 3000/ per square feet.

  • Hingna Road

  • There are residential plots available in this locality that ranges between a price structure of Rs. 325/ per square feet and Rs. 650/ per square feet.

  • Mankapur

  • The asking rate per square feet of residential plots in this regions is close to Rs. 3000/ approximately.

  • Narendra Nagar

  • The asking rate of this region varies between Rs. 2500/ per square feet to Rs. 3000/ per square feet approximately.

  • Civil Lines

  • The rates of land plots in this region is approximately Rs. 2500/ per square feet.

Industrial And Agricultural Land

There are commercial land plots in Nagpur that have been segregated for the purpose of industrial and commercial or manufacturing endeavors. Agricultural land is also available in specific zones that are known for high ratio of soil fertility and cultivation prospects.

Some of the regions and locations for such plots in Nagpur are as follows.

  • Buti Bori – There is a comprehensive presence of land plots here. You can avail these for industrial and commercial or even residential purposes. The zones are however different.

  • Bhandara Road – This is located at a point that gives users and buyers the convenience of accessibility from different parts of the city.

  • Wardha Road – There are several plots earmarked in this region for the purpose of agriculture and cultivation.

There are several other places like Hingna Road, Katol Road, Amravati Road and Gorewada Road where agricultural land and commercial plots in Nagpur is available. The price range varies from Rs 51/ per square feet and goes steadily upwards to Rs. 350/ and more per square feet in specific zones. The variation of the price range occurs due to factors of location and accessibility in addition to other resourceful presence like water and power supplies.