The region of NOIDA came in the form of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority; it was a concreted move towards urbanization and bringing forth the creation of a modern city based on the concept of progression. With time, Noida developed quickly as a modern center of business, commerce and center of art and excellence. Residential accommodation was also considerably boosted with settlements of discerning people who believed in a lifestyle that was at a distance from the humdrum of sustained city mayhem. Here was a life of serenity with a touch of natural calmness that was often seen as a boon in close proximity to the national capital. Plots in Noida came up for allocation through governmental agencies and departments along with realty companies selling them later on.

There are residential plots in Noida that are available for sale; these are often allocated through government auctions of land as and when the need for urban accommodation arises. There are several sectors that have been earmarked accordingly for commercial and residential zones over the years and have been allocated to public purchase and even real estate developments accordingly. The lands that were initially allocated to credible and established real estate companies known for their expertise in house building have gone into the building of housing complexes and apartments; as part of this scheme there have been gated communities within which plots in Noida have been sold to owners who wished to live in independent houses of their own.

Here are some of the zones for residential plots in Noida.

  • Wish Town Noida Expressway – Rs. 9800/ per square feet (approximately)
  • Sector 162 – NCR – Rs. 2000/ per square feet (approximately)
  • Sector 39 – Rs. 18500/ approximately per square feet
  • Sector 119 – Rs. 4000/ per square feet (approximately)
  • Greater Noida Expressway – Rs. 4500/ per square feet approximately

Commercial Plots In Noida

When there is reference to buy plots in Noida, it is mostly associated with residential purposes. The commercial zones that have been earmarked by the government allocations have been assigned to the responsible hands of professional and experienced real estate companies. Here, ready to avail structures have been built in state of art facilities with modern amenities for definite commercial offices, corporate headquarters and other business offices.

Some of the well known commercial plots of Noida are as follows.

  • Sector 132 – Noida Expressway – Rs. 3500/ per square feet approximately
  • Sector 18 – Rs. 12000/ onwards per square feet approximately
  • Sector 153 – Rs. 6500/ onwards per square feet approximately
  • Sector 32 – Rs. 15000/ onwards per square feet approximately
  • Sector 63 – Rs. 27000/ per square feet approximately

A closer look at the range of prices for commercial and residential plots in Noida will demonstrate clearly the intensifying prices in the business zones of the region. However even within the commercial zones there are certain projects and Sectors that have a significantly high end price per square feet than others; this is owing to the presence of international collaborations for real estate developments coupled with various incorporation of modern facilities and amenities within the buildings and commercial spaces.