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OBC - Oriental Bank of Commerce India

Oriental Bank of Commerce is an Indian bank which started off in Lahore, initially. It is one of the popular public sector banks operating in the country at the moment. It operates in 4 segments: corporate/wholesale banking, treasury operations, retail and other banking operations.

Branches and Service Locations

Oriental Bank of Commerce has almost 530 branches as well as 505 ATMs spread throughout India. Out of its 503 branches, 490 deliver centralized banking solutions. Oriental Bank of Commerce in India has been known for its consistency to generate great profits with High Capital Adequacy Ratio.

Bank is more strenuous on the customer philosophy and it is involved in quite a number of projects all over India, which involve people’s participation, with the ultimate aim of overcoming poverty.

Oriental Bank of Commerce is into other social awareness programs and it trains the locals, in making use of the raw materials; it concentrates more on the rural development.

Bank growth is also pretty strong and consistent for years. It has had a consistent growth about 27.04 percent every year, which is pretty impressive, to say the least.

Services Offered

Oriental Bank of Commerce offers a wide range of services to the clients, ranging from fixed Deposits, loans, NRI banking services, Telebanking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, down to Cash Management Services.

It offers International Proton Debit Card, regular Savings Accounts, Current Account to the companies and businessmen, Flexi Fixed Deposit for investors, CASA Deposit scheme, DeMAT Services for traders, Variable Progressive Deposit, and tax savings schemes too.

Oriental Bank of Commerce also offers RTGS (Real Time Gross System) & NEFT transfer facilities to the customers to perform heavy volume transfers. With this facility, financial institutions and banks having an account with RBI can perform fund transfers.

Cash Management is an essential logistic for most of the investors, and Oriental Bank of Commerce also offers great investment opportunities with dedicated relationship managers for fund management of high profile individuals as well as corporate clients.

Cards Offered

OBC offers International Proton Debit Card to its customers which can be used as an ATM-cum-Debit card.

In earlier times, they did not offer any credit cards, but off-late they’ve just launched the SBI Oriental Bank co-branded credit card for their valued customers.

Interesting Facts about Oriental Bank of Commerce

Some of the facts are listed here

  • It has been generating consistent profits,

  • The bank has earned CRISIL ratings

  • Employee productivity is rated to be highest,

  • It has good high Capital Adequacy Ratio

  • It ranks good amongst financially strong commercial banks


Oriental Bank of Commerce provides a wide variety of categories when it comes to loans; quite literally, there is something for everyone -

Home Loans

Home Loans are provided to customers for construction or purchase of residential properties – be it individual houses, villas or flats. The loans are provided for HUF, salaried individuals, self-employed professionals, businessman, farmers, and everyone who has a clean credit history, and supporting income proofs to seek the loan.

Floating rates for the housing loans up to Rs 30 lakhs are 11 percent, and after 5 years, they go up to 11.25 percent. For loan above 30 lakhs, the current floating rate of interest is 11.50 %.

Auto Loans (Car and 2-Wheeler Loans)

Oriental Bank of Commerce provides vehicles loans for all kinds of new and used vehicles ranging from motorcycles, scooters, taxis, jeeps, down to cars, and even trucks. Interest rate for loan payable within three years is 12.25 % and it goes up to 17.75 percent for 5-7 year tenures.

Personal Loans

Personal loans for OBC customers are extended to meet personal expenses, expenses concerned to marriage and other educational expenses. This particular loan can also be utilized for medical treatment. Interest rate for Personal loan is 15.5 percent and rate of interest for pensioners is 14.25%.

Education Loans

Educational loans are offered by OBC to customers to cover up their expenses of admission fee payment, procurement of books, equipments, monthly tuition fee and even examination fees. Maximum loan granted for studies in India is 10 lakhs and for studying abroad, one may avail an education loan up to Rs 20 lakhs.

Rate of interest for availing loan up to 4 lakhs is 13.50 percent, and it goes up to 14.25% for higher amounts.