Standard Chartered Bank India

Standard Chartered Bank is a multinational financial services company with its global headquarters situated in London, United Kingdom. With a network of more than 1700 branches and outlets (including associates, subsidiaries and joint ventures), it employs over 80,000 people all over.

The Bank’s Network in India

Standard Chartered Bank India opened its first office in the country in 1858, and today it operates with around 22,500 able employees committed to serving its customers and clients. With around 94 branches in 37 cities, this bank has a customer base of more than 2 million and 2000 top corporate. They also have other subsidiaries operating in India, including Standard Chartered Private Equity Advisory (India) Private Limited, Standard Chartered Securities (India), and Standard Chartered Investments and Loans (India) Limited.

Services Offered in India

The services offered in India by Standard Chartered Bank are personal banking, priority and international banking, employee banking, preferred banking, SME banking, and private banking. In short, they have everything you can ask for, besides quality service and endearing hospitality.

Types of Accounts

Standard Chartered Bank in India offers a variety of accounts, each customized to meet your saving requirements. The types of accounts offered are:

  • AxcessPlus Account: This account offers unmatched access to your funds through a range of channels. You need to maintain a minimum quarterly balance of Rs. 250,000 in this account.

  • Aasaan Account: (a Zero Balance account) This is a basic account that does not require any minimum balance to be maintained. It is a hassle-free savings bank account.

  • Parivaar Account: This is a family account that helps you to maintain individual identity, i.e. you can maintain individual accounts with the added advantage of combining the balances in grouped accounts. Minimum quarterly balance to be maintained is Rs. 25,000.

  • Demat Account: It can be used to hold as well as trade shares electronically. You can pay the charges, conveniently, through the existing bank account.

  • Super Value Account: It offers a range of value added services for free, like free inter-bank funds transfer, free bill pay etc. Minimum quarterly balance to be maintained in the account is Rs. 50,000.

  • Term Deposits: This can help in earning higher interest rates on idle funds. The tenure may vary from 15 days to 5 years. An auto renewal facility is also offered.

  • Esaver Plus: This is a savings account that provides you the option to link your fixed deposits to a savings account. This way, you can avail full benefits of a savings bank account.

  • Corporate Salary Account: This salary account helps in streamlining salary payments, and it entitles you to a zero balance account with no penalties, and a host of other benefits to corporate customers.

Special Account for NRIs

In addition to all these, there is another account called RFC account for NRIs who return to India. It lets you hold foreign currencies even after returning. You can opt for maintaining this account either as Savings or Term Deposit account. The currencies that can be held are USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and CAD.

Having known about the various accounts that you can opt for at the Standard Chartered Bank India, you can now select the one that suits your needs the most. Also, with an account, you can enjoy a host of other benefits that this bank offers, ranging from credit/debit cards and online banking to loans and insurances.

Standard Chartered Bank Cards

Apart from the standard ATM-cum-International Debit card, Standard Chartered Bank in India also offer a host of credit cards; the noteworthy ones being:

Super Value Titanium Card – It is surely for those who don’t just know exactly what’s in their mind, but also know what’s in their pockets.

Platinum Rewards Card – It gives one of the best in-class experiences that make your shopping even more rewarding! While customers enjoy high credit limits ranging from Rs. 1 lakh- 5 lakh, they also get exciting deals on golfing retreats, dining, holidays, movie tickets, and much more.

Inner Circle Platinum Card – It is meant for ardent shopaholics since the Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Card entitles you to an extra 5% cash-back on everything that you shop, at Lifestyle stores (and its affiliates), and a host of other benefits to complement your lifestyle needs.