Varanasi Properties

Varanasi, also known as Benaras or Kashi, is a well known city located in Uttar Pradesh. It is a sacred city which is home to a plenty of famous Hindu temples and worship centers. It also houses the world-famous Banaras Hindu University (widely known as B.H.U. - the abbreviation for it). The enthralling auspiciousness of the city Varanasi has compelled people from all over the world to pay a visit to the holy city, and experience what peace of soul means. This spiritually significant city has now risen a great deal in regards to demand for housing, and the Varanasi properties rates are now avalanching at a sharp rate. The increase in demand for properties and rentals in this city is due to flourishing traders and artisans with their woven brass and silk ware that have got world-wide recognition.

Why Is the Realty Sector Booming in Varanasi?

Currently, the business sector of real estate in the city of Varanasi is flourishing. It accepts a large number of visitors every year, but the fact lies undeterred that the city of Varanasi still requires an overhauling to match up to the global standards.

Commercial properties in the city of Varanasi are not likely to get exhausted anywhere in near future because of the massive retail potential of this city. The major contribution that has boosted the development of real estate business in Varanasi is from the input of industrial sectors and tourism that has been aiding the Varanasi real estate market since long in the past.

Latest Property Developments in Varanasi

Looking at the latest developments, with the completion of Purva Economic Zone, the largest silk and carpet producing and an important export center in India, property rates are expected to shoot up everywhere in its vicinity.

Varanasi Development Authority, a local city board, is coming up with infrastructural development projects, which provide the required infrastructure to necessary to take this city high and help it compete with the top cities in India. It hard, but efforts are being made. They are also taking up some housing protects to expand sufficient residential properties in Varanasi for providing upright housing options to potential customers from almost every income class - low or high. Contributions from private firms are also entertained by the authority. It, therefore, comes as a great investment opportunity for the big players in real estate market, even for those who haven’t yet plunged into the Varanasi real estate market!

The real estate developers of the city offer property business packages to help people sell, buy, hire, and even rent flats at competitive prices, and save lots of money.

Some of the renowned real estate developers of Varanasi are listed below –

  • Aryan properties

  • India realtors

  • VV real estate

  • Kumar and associates

Property Rates in Varanasi

The price of a typical 1190 square feet flats/apartment starts from Rs. 32,13,000 in Manduadih, Varanasi, with the price per square feet of around Rs. 2,700.

The flats developed by Vinayak Groups in Nagwa, in Lanka area of Varanasi, are priced at approximately Rs. 3,800 per square feet.

The flats/apartments available in Surya nagar colony, in Gurubagh Main Road are priced at around Rs. 60,50,000, with the price per sq. feet of Rs. 3,600.

The residential property in Bhelpura, near Varanasi, is priced very reasonably at Rs. 25 per sq. feet.

The main commercial places of Varanasi are Rathyatra, Sigra, Mahmoorganj, and Lahurabir. The price of land in Rathyatra to Mahmoorganj range from Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 4,500 per sq. ft., which may go up to Rs. 5,000 – 7,000 per sq. ft. in Sigra and Rathyatra.

Commercial Properties in Varanasi – Rates and Locations

The prices in Lahurabir (which include shopping complexes, restaurants, and hotels) range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 per sq. ft.

The office rental charges ranges from Rs. 50 to Rs. 70 per sq. ft. in Mahmoorganj, Rs.70 to 100 per sq. ft. in Lahurabir, and Rs. 60 to 70 per sq. ft. in Rathyatra and Sigra. So, it also makes sense for big investors to invest in commercial spaces, and then lease or rent them out to upcoming companies and corporate industries.