What is Vastu Shastra?

India is considered as the mother of Vastu that established thousands of years ago by ancient saints. The origin of Indian Vastu dates back to 5000 years from now, while evidences suggest that it evolved in China about 4000 years ago.

The philosophy of Indian Vastu Shastra applies to a wide range of properties ranging from plots, construction of flats, houses, offices, factories, restaurants, down to establishment of industries and temples.

Vastu Shastra Directions

In literal terms, it deals with the exercise of building and architecture science. As a matter of fact, it yields a fair result in every part of life on the earth and universe. The word 'Vastu' is taken from Rig Veda, where it is pronounced as 'VASTOSHPATI' and is said to render prosperity, happiness, protection in life, and after death too (what we call as ‘moksha’, meaning soul resting in peace).

It is a scientific approach and study that requires complete control over the cognition of paths or directions, namely, east, south-east, north, northeast, south, south-west, west, and north-west. It is purely an Indian science of structural design that tells how the spaces and environments are related and can be created supporting the spiritual and physical richness.

During the early Vedic time, it had several concepts and these were transmitted to Tibet, China, South East Asia, and Japan. According to Vedic mythology, the one who worships, respects, and fears the lords of all the directions, is believed to receive blessings and benefits. The five basic elements of the world- Agni (Fire), Akash (Sky), Vayu (Wind), Paani (Water) and Prithvi (Earth) - leads everyone’s life.

On the whole, it is the perfect understanding of environment, direction, geography, topography and physics, and is the art of making the right settings in a manner that delivers utmost benefits.

Vastu for Office

Vastu for career and work involves several factors, such as office location, setup, and exteriors with respect to the shape, directions of various compartments, slope, and location of electrical gadgets, reception, main chamber and many more. Here, you have to consider the right direction of placement beams, office entrance way, owner’s room, and doors as well as windows.

According to Vastu Shastra, the cabin of executives, managers and higher officials must be located in south-west, west, or south direction of the office premises and central location of the office must be kept empty.

However, many believe that it is nothing more than non-sense, because it is really tough to follow such rules most of the time, and it also results in wastage of lot of valuable space too.

Vastu for Home

Building house plans as per vasthu sastra is very essential so as to give congruent balance amidst assorted natural and atmospheric resources, including solar, lunar, cosmic, and much more.

You must consider vastu for kitchen, pooja room, bedroom, hall and bathroom as well. But, once again, it becomes extremely tough to comply with Vastu rules in the case of apartments. However, witnessing the growing awareness among buyers, builders often try to comply with the basic Vastu requirements.

Vastu for Plot

It is believed that a site or plot should never be purchased from people who are suffering from leprosy, bankruptcy, or from lunatics, etc. Vastu tells the right direction for a site or plot face. It also explains where the sunlight should enter from, and lots more. Though Vastu for plot isn’t considered as important as Vastu for home, for the very reason that all the things can be taken care of, while building the house.

Vastu to Prevent Theft

The building that does not conform to Vastu may sometimes have to face unforeseen problems like theft. According to the Vastu Shastra, the main door of home or any building signifies and tells whether the place could possibly be robbed in future; so you’ve to construct the house, especially the door with special care.

You shouldn’t keep any valuable things (cash, gold) in North-west corner, and the main door must have two opening shutters to reduce the chances of robbery. This definitely makes sense, logically, and is even followed by those who don’t really believe in the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra.

Tips of Maximum Vastu Compliance

Following are some essential Vastu tips that will really help you to lead a healthy and peaceful life in your house:

  • Build the house in such a way that bright light enters the main gateway

  • Provide maximum of five door openings in your house

  • The direction of wind in your bedroom should be from South to West. This is an advisible sleeping position for vastu shastra

  • Never place a mirror in the kitchen

  • Place the PC on the right side of the table

  • No harm in keeping a happy family picture in the living room

  • Constructing the house in a triangle, circle, or oval should be strictly avoided