Everyone wants peace and harmony to prevail in the family along with wealth and prosperity. So, people make no hesitation to follow certain rituals and principles to make their home a place like paradise. Vastu Shastra can be considered as something that can help in proper flow of cosmic energy and provides effective architectural balance in your home where you spend most of the time of your life. Vastu principles are here to guide you plan your rooms, placement of furnishing items and many more.

Earlier, we used to enjoy our life with all our elders in one big house and spend time together. Today, busy and hectic life schedule has snatched all the happiness of being together and restrict us in small confined rooms or flats. We have accepted this change as the time demands certain changes in our lifestyle also. Since, we are now scattered and living in small apartments, we feel bored at times and there are chances of thefts, hi-tech robberies and other forms of cheating. Happiness is about to depart from our life. We sometimes feel haunted when we spend time in our bedroom. However, this can be handled properly by following certain tips mentioned in Vastu Shastra for our bedrooms.

Bedroom is considered as the most vital matter in Vastu Shastra and is the most important topic. This part of your home carries lot of significance and you will find as many as 270 pages in books related to this principles where only bedroom is discussed. It is place where you enjoy some precious moments with your life partner. So, if the Vastu at bedroom is good, you can enjoy a life without any tension and mental disorders. Your sexual life will be as colourful as rainbow. If the Vastu is not good then all bad and ugly things will occur in your life.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

  • It is best to have bedrooms in the South, Southwest and West. No bedroom should be built facing the East, Northeast and North. This is not good for the owner’s health and economic well-being to have bedroom facing East, Northeast and North. Even, the inmates of that bedroom may face lots of hardships with others, mainly financial, health and some unwanted expenditures.
  • People who sleep in Southeast and East facing bedrooms suffer from sleepless nights, short temper and anxiety.
  • People who sleep in Northeast facing bedrooms suffer instability.
  • The owner of a house can get the best results if the person sleeps in the Southwest room.
  • It is advisable according to Vastu that the cupboard should be placed in the bedroom at Southwest, South or West.
  • Lot many things depend on the direction of head that is placed while sleeping. Head towards South brings sound sleep, less tension and improved health. Head towards East brings improvement in knowledge. If you sleep by placing your head towards West, then you will suffer from illness and if you sleep placing your head towards North, then you will witness bad dreams and your health will suffer.
  • To get all the happiness and wealth, the bed should be kept in the Southwest (nairuthi) and you can always keep some space at South, West and Southwest corners. The 2nd best place to keep bed is South and the 3rd best place to keep bed is West. However, if the bed is kept at East, then you will suffer from weak health, misunderstandings and males have to face unwanted words from female counterparts and others. If the bed is kept in the Southeast side, then you will have a life full of tensions. You will suffer from financial crisis, illness, misunderstandings and many more if you keep your bed at the North and Northwest corner of the room.
  • Rectangular and square shaped bedrooms are the best and so you have to be careful while constructing the house. The unplanned and unsystematic bedrooms cannot fulfill the basic needs of inmates. So, care has to be taken while construction as this is a place where you share some of your good moments with your partner and other members of the family. It is a room where you love to dream.
  • The bedroom needs to be maintained well and cleanliness is the basic requirement for this place. You can use floor carpets and rugs. However, these have to be dusted regularly as not all can use air conditioning machines to maintain dust free atmosphere. Laminate floor tiles can be used. These have many advantages. These looks great, appealing and is hassle free while cleaning the room.
  • All the furniture and other accessories must be arranged properly with enough space around each article. This is to maintain happiness as well as this is a basic science that it will be easier to clean the articles and the corners of the room if proper space is left. No single item should touch the walls of the room.
  • The head of the family should use a bedroom where the person can sleep by placing the head in the Southwest corner of the West side. It is to be noted here that if there are more than one floor in the house, the head of the family should possess a bedroom on the upper floor in the Southwest corner of the West side. This type of room is also best for newly married couple. However, such type of room is not suitable for your kids as that can cause quarrels and clashed in the house.
  • Make sure that everyone sleeps with his or her head towards South corner. If someone sleeps placing the head towards North corner, then that person may suffer from nightmares and disturbed sleep.
  • It is better to avoid the divine idols and divine photo frames in the bedroom.
  • If you want to install a bookshelf in your bedroom, then according to Vastu Shastra it is to be placed at the West or Southwest corner of the room.
  • The bed has to be made from fine quality wood. It should be solid and must not shake. Box beds are not ideal. However, many people are using these due to lack of space. In case, you use such bed, make sure you de-clutter and re-arrange all the goods that are kept inside a box bed.
  • Add pleasant pictures with nice photo frames in your bedroom to create a nice ambience.
  • It is not good to install doors in the Southwest of the bedroom, or else you have to suffer from weak health, damage to sovereignty and your life will be disturbed monetarily.
  • It is better to use night lamps while sleeping and avoid making the bedroom pitch dark.
  • The main entry of the bedroom should always be at the Northeast corner either in the direction of the East or North side.
  • The flooring of the bedroom must be higher than all the floorings of other rooms. This is to make the owner of the room feel good.
  • When you rise up from your bed, place your right foot first.

There are many more tips that can be gained from different websites where you can get all the information related to Vastu for bedrooms.