Is your business is going through a slump phase with profits sinking to an all-time low? Do not worry; here is a saving grace that can put things in right perspective for you. Like astrology, you can make good use of Vastu Shastra for business progress. Once you get to know how to use the tips and tricks of Vastu shastra, you will never have to regret any more. Your business is important for your financial growth and prosperity, so making yourself familiar with the corresponding techniques of placing certain items in your working place in a particular manner will restore that financial balance. So be prepared to learn some mind-blowing tips for implementing Vastu for business.

If you want to increase the positive vibes at your workplace then place attractive boulders, pebbles or corridors around the construction. Here construction refers to the building situated in your working premises. Additionally, you should take proper care of your glasses, mirrors and windows and see that they are always clean and crystal clear. This is necessary for bringing transparency in your financial life. Keeping the said items clean will amazingly enhance your balance-sheet. For activating energy, you should decorate your windows with hanging crystals.

The most wonderful rainbows are produced as a result of the sunlight hitting them. You could position your window in such a way that it receives direct rays of the sun. This is essential for opening up a host of fresh avenues for giving a boost to your career like never before. To prevent the disappearance of money from your life you should make it a point to place some solid and heavy objects in your home’s extreme left-hand corner. And you should also make room for extra sunlight. To increase your prosperity, you should set up a fountain of water that produces a pleasant sound. This will contribute to attracting maximum positive energy from the space, thereby drawing both luck and wealth. However, the water should not lead to the exit; else, there can be significant wastage of your hard-earned money. Again, if you want to double up your money and other opportunities, then place a mirror in front of your locker to cause reflection of the same. Finally, for keeping your expenses under control you can use your toilet room where you can keep live plants. This will speed up the process of wealth creation.