Those who are unfamiliar with vastu will be interested to know that it is a Sanskrit word that signifies everlasting essence. It is said that an Indian sage laid the foundation of this art or shastra about 5000 years back. It is actually a mystic science that acts as a guide during designing and building dwelling places. The system was created keeping in mind the welfare of mankind. If you apply the vastu shastra tips for kitchen properly while constructing houses, flats/apartments and industries etc you can achieve success, prosperity and peace.

There are different vastu shastra principles for different areas of the house and here we shall be focusing on the kitchen. Now kitchen vastu is an important area of study. Everyone wants to decorate their kitchen and keep it well maintained. According to vastu shastra the kitchen and the bedroom are the two areas where you are required to balance energies. Only then you can achieve comfort, peace and prosperity. Hence vastu is a specialized advice that enlightens you about how to make your kitchen vastu compliant. For a majority of Hindus it is the kitchen that brings in health and happiness for the people living in the house. In this regard there are some ground rules that need to be followed.

Kitchen Position as per Vastu

Let us check out some vastu tips. The best location kitchen according vastu is the southeast corner of your house. In case you are unable to accommodate the kitchen in that area then your second option is the northwest corner.

Regarding the floor of the kitchen, you can choose mosaic, marble or ceramic tiles. Next comes the colour and in this regard except the colour black you can choose from red, orange, rose, chocolate and yellow.

There are certain things that you need to avoid to get the best out from kitchen as per vastu. While making the kitchen, keep in mind that it is neither below nor above the toilet and both the kitchen and the toilet should not have a common wall. This is important because these are considered as defects in vastu shastra that can affect the health of the inhabitants. Avoid constructing your kitchen in the north or northeast. Having such a kitchen will definitely affect your career. Other directions to avoid are mid-south, southwest, mid-west and the centre. Moreover your kitchen should not face towards the main door of your place. If your house is a two storied one then your prayer room should not be located above the kitchen stove or sink. Otherwise bad luck will come into your life. Your kitchen will definitely have many accessories and as per vastu for kitchen there is a specific place for these accessories. The ideal direction to keep the gas cylinder is the southeast and the stove in the southeast corner.

While cooking, make sure that you are facing east. If you are keeping the refrigerator in the kitchen then place it in the south, north, west or the southeast direction. Kitchen equipment like heaters and ovens etc should be placed in the south or southeast direction. Racks that are used to store food grains should be made on the southern or western wall. The best place to make the kitchen sink is the northeast corner. Kitchen windows and exhaust fans should be on the east. By following the above tips, you can design a vastu compliant kitchen. Of course there will be disparities in opinions and views. Moreover the existing layout of your house may not allow you to make major changes. Nevertheless you can take these tips as guidelines and incorporate wherever applicable or convenient. Remember that vastu seeks to bring in positive vibrations into your kitchen. It helps to make the existing energies more effective and downplay the defects that cause unfortunate incidents. If you follow kitchen vastu with faith and belief then you will surely be able to usher in good fortune into your house.