Vastu shastra is a doctrine that had its origin in the ancient India. This ancient Indian doctrine is an amalgamation of traditions, principles and beliefs associated with dwelling places of humans. Vastu takes into account different elements of nature and all its recommendations are based on that. These are scientific in the sense that the presence of nature is evident in our sphere of life. Moreover the authencity of vastu is not questionable because it is derived from the Vedas. Since ancient times vastu beliefs have been an integral part of all forms of architectural planning and construction. Even today modern architects and builders consider vastu as highly relevant in their sphere of work. This confirms the credibility of vastu.

A majority of modern builders follow this old doctrine while planning constructions. It is the directional orientation of different rooms that vastu focuses on. Every recommendation in vastu is targeted towards mankind’s welfare. Vastu teaches you how you can benefit in regards to career, marriage, finances and all round prosperity through proper construction and placement of things. There is no doubt that you will reap benefits by adhering to the principles of vastu shastra.

So here we shall focus on how to make home entrance vastu compliant.The first principle in vastu shastra for main door is that since it is the main entrance of your house therefore its size should be larger in comparison to other doors of the house. If possible, include two shutters in your main door. As per vastu, it is good to have two entrances provided the second entrance door is smaller than the main door. Only one shutter is required for this door. However, keep in mind that both the main door and the exit door are not in a straight line.

Now let’s delve deeper regarding main door vastu recommendations. The vastu entrance to your house should be a clear entry free from obstructions like a wall. Yes, you can have a door that leads to the next room. Do make sure that no shadow falls on your main door. Regarding proper placement of the main door, vastu recommends that it should not be below the ground, at the centre or towards the extreme corner. These are basic recommendations. Since there are different vastu authorities so there will be variations in recommendations regarding the main door position. Your discretion will come in handy while taking a decision.

An important point to keep in mind is that the main door of your house should not be facing the main door of another house. This means the entrance doors of two different houses should not oppose each other. Moreover, two houses should never have a common entrance.

There is an interesting recommendation regarding main door. If your house entrance as per vastu shastra is to the south then do not make a balcony or verandah just in front of your main door.
The gate that allows access to your property should be erected on the northern or the eastern side. If your main door is on the west wall then don’t worry as vastu for home entrance considers that position as good. However it is not advisable to position the main door to the south. If your home entrance and the main door are on the same side then vastu considers that auspicious.

Avoid making underground tank, septic tank or canal under your main entrance and make sure that no building wreckages are there in the front. As per vastu principles it is auspicious to decorate your entrance with images or statues of gods and goddesses (Ganesh, Lakhsmi etc) or other holy signs (Om, Swastika etc). Never put inauspicious images on your main door. If possible put thresholds on the door. Keep shoes to the side of the main door but never in front of it. Lastly, avoid choosing doors that are circular, sliding or slanted although modern door manufacturers may try to impress you with attractive designs. Vastu is all about enabling you to live in harmony with nature. There are myriad benefits associated with vastu. All that you need is a little understanding and you will be able to lead a fulfilling life.