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Vastu Shastra for Shop

If your shop is not doing well or you are unable to attract customers towards your store then it’s really a great concern for your business. It is not always the looks which matters the most, but even the placement of your shop as well. Vastu for shop can assist you in finding the perfect location for your store and attracting the positive energies. Apart from the location the exteriors including the slope and shape of the plot as well as the directions for exit and entrance also play an important role in helping you attain success. In order to be called an ideal shop there are several points which should be kept in mind so that you can attain financial gains. Square or rectangular shaped plot is considered to be adequate for setting up a shop as they have a wider front. In order to prevent any bad energy from getting accumulated or entering your shop it is necessary that the entrance doesn’t have a slope. Stagnant water and open drains in front of any establishment really looks awkward and prove to be harmful for your business as well.

If the principles of vastu are not followed in a proper manner then it might result in serious consequences. Vastu generates positive aura and therefore in order to maintain it intact the north east corner of the shop should be kept clear and clutter free. You can even decorate the north east corner of your shop by keeping a fountain or water source. It is quite natural for any shop to have showcases in order to display the products but precaution should be exercised with regards to the placement of these heavy items. Angular counters are considered to be a good source of positive energy in comparison to round or curved ones. However, the vastu shastra for shops varies with vastu for factory and if you are a factory owner or planning to own one then vastu can help you in earning quick success.

Vastu helps in balanced functioning of industries, enhances the productivity and minimizes the risk of losses. For an ideal factory vastu different directions play a different role. The north and east corners of the factory should have more open space in order to prevent the negative energies from entering. Rectangular or square shaped plots should be avoided as it might affect your business. The boundary walls of the factory should be smaller in north and east directions. Each and every thing counts a lot when it comes to vastu as their placement accordingly attract the positive and negative source of energy.