To get the most out of your home environment, you could make good use of Vastu house facing. Believing is the key when the question is of getting something out of it arises. If you believe something is, then it is. We spend most of our time in some space say our home, educational institute, workplace, shops, etc. These spaces have some link with our inner space and from time to time we can experience some subtle signals that are not easy to express. But still we should admit that some cosmic force is there that is supervising our surroundings. When we are able to fine-tune our inner space with the outer space, we get auspicious results in the form of health, wealth, progress in life etc.

Interestingly, Vastu is that science that can achieve this end because Vastu Shastra is thousands of years old and since the olden times it has been successfully tapped to extract the hidden benefits from our local atmosphere. Your house is undoubtedly the best place where you can fully apply Vastu Shastra. House is the place where we take recourse to often after doing with our business or professional activities outside. Therefore, if the environment of the house is calm and inviting it will soothing effect on our senses and make us happy. Moreover, being happy is important to stay healthy.

From this one can realize the importance as well as beauty of Vastu shastra for house facing. Vastu essentially deals with positioning your home (rooms included) and the interior items in the right directions to nullify the adverse effects arising out of wrong placements. According to north facing house plan as per vastu , you need to ensure that you the housing facing is vastu compliant is a technique of building your house in such a way that it is in proper alignment with the respective directions. Those are east, westward facing house, north, south, northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest. If these directions are properly utilized to place your house the results will be simply great. For instance you will achieve happiness and make good progress in your chosen field. What else you need?

Vastu shastra for house facing has certain rules and you should strictly adhere to them. The first rule is facing your house in the right direction. This article will mainly focus on that.

Vastu for House Facing East

The most auspicious direction towards which your house should be facing is east. East direction should always be given first preference in this regard because the other directions cannot give those matchless results which east can give. Thus it is strongly recommended that you place you entrance facing east. As a result, you will get the maximum amount of sun rays that are so essential for sustaining life on the planet Earth. Moreover, Sun is the heavenly body that governs east direction, so its results are generally favorable. Now an interesting point should be brought to your notice. Take the example of Japan, what a prosperous and developed country it is. It has one of the most vibrant economies in the world after China. The reason for the prosperity of Japan is quite obvious. It is basically a chain of islands located in the extreme east corner. That’s why it receives the maximum amount of sun rays that are always add to the growth and prosperity of this small country.

Hence, if you place the entrance of your house eastwards, you may get similar results. Also, the east direction is highly recommended for studies and desk work. The reason is that east direction favors growth of creative faculties in a person and increases his/her efficiency in a drastic manner. It is also conducive for the proper utilization of your inborn talents and enhancing your intellectual caliber.

Again, it is hard to express all the benefits of Vastu Shastra in just a page or two. Reason being, Vastu is a comprehensive topic in itself, rather it is just like any other science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. But it is simple to grasp. Vastu is itself based on bio-physics that’s why it enjoys a scientific status.