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Top 5 Vastu Shastra Products

Vastu shastra is an ancient science which deals with the structure of buildings and their position. Different directions have different impact on your life and hence in order to enhance the prosperity, happiness, health and good luck there are several remedies which can be followed. You can even keep plants which bring in the positive energy and guard you against any negativity. Money plant vastu proves to be an effective solution as by simply placing this creeper in your house you would notice a positive change in your living environment. These plants should however be placed along the north and east walls for attaining the desired goals. This indoor plant should not be grown using the building or compound wall as it would slowly creep into tiny cracks in the wall and gradually widen them as they grow. Any type of thorny plants should not be planted in the house as it attracts negative energy.

Vastu Compass

Vastu consultants, astrologers and professionals also make use of vastu compass in order to check for the vastu defects in your premises. This compass is easy to use and understand and can accordingly be implemented for health, wealth and prosperity. Vastu affects the thinking, mood and behavior of your family members and attracts the positive energy. Ideal for plot, home, office shop, factory, hospital, hotel or restaurant this compass consists of specially designed octagon with nautical compass, vastu guide booklet, vastu maha mandal chart, and vastu recommendation charts. This compass doesn’t require any special skills to use and offers you with lifelong benefits. Apart from the compass there are also a number of vastu products available in the market which can prove to be effective in solving the miseries of life. These products keep your life balanced and destroy the constructional defects.

Vastu Aquarium and Fishes

Fishes are also considered auspicious in vastu and hence placing them at the right direction and location can help you fetch good results. Silver Arowana and Golden Red Arowana symbolize luck and prosperity and hence can easily be kept in your home or office. Vastu fish keeps away all the negative energies and produces positive atmosphere. They also attract everyone’s attention and motivate the observer. Not only the fish but even the fish aquarium can even be placed in the house to derive financial benefits. Fish aquarium vastu is the best way to attract energy of wealth and it also relaxes your mind. It is however necessary to place the aquarium anywhere in the house except the drawing room to activate the energy sources.