DLF Projects

DLF Projects include world class DLF Homes, DLF Apartments, DLF Flats, DLF Offices and fully equipped DLF Buildings and Towers for residential as well as commercial purposes. DLF Projects were commenced six decades ago with the DLF Constructions undertaking the residential colonies in Delhi in the area of Hauz Khas, Kailash Colony, and Greater Kailash etc. With the success of DLF Constructions and DLF Housing, Today DLF Projects include verticals like DLF Retail, Hospitality, DLF Malls, DLF Homes and DLF Houses. The discussion on DLF Projects deserves a mention of DLF SEZ-Special Economic Zones where DLF Group has Projects to offer complete business solutions by providing excellent infrastructure lie flyovers, roads etc so that development in that area can be facilitated.

DLF Projects in India

The brilliance of DLF Group lies in the fact that there is a considerable amount of readiness for Foreign Direct Investment to be invested in DLF Projects.DLF Projects have altered the face of Gurgaon Real Estate as the latter has become synonymous with DLF Towers like the DLF Magnolia, DLF Richmond Park, DLF Silver Oaks, DLF Princeton Estate have been some of the DLF Projects that have provided DLF Housing to numerous residents.

As far as DLF Constructions of Commercial DLF Projects is concerned, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, DLF IT Park Kolkata, DLF IT Park Pune, houses some of the leading Multi-national Companies owing to its fantastic infrastructure to meet the requirement of the Fortune 500 companies.

DLF Projects have won accolades in the Retail segment of Indian market for bring forth the "mall culture" and provide shopping, quality entertainment and leisure activities all under one roof. DLF Mega Mall, DLF grand Mall, DLF City Centre etc have been some of the reckoning names in the field of Shopping Malls in Delhi and Gurgaon. In fact, DLF Universal has undertaken some of the hi-tech and all-inclusive Shopping, Malls in New Delhi that are awaiting completion like the DLF Town Square, DLF Savitri.

DLF Upcoming Projects

Some of the upcoming DLF Projects in India are DLF Andheri in Mumbai, DLF Hyderabad, DLF Ludhiana, DLF Chennai etc that promise to offer the best and create breakthrough in the retail culture in India.

DLF Group has now ventured into constructing Hotels by collaborating with the Hilton Groups and has been drawing significant foreign investment. Thus, DLF Projects have entered almost every aspect of modern and urban life by providing exceptional creations that have transformed the real estate industry in India.

The reach of DLF Universal and the extensive impact of DLF projects is evident form the response received by the mere announcement of DLF IPO.Indiahousing.com offers the following link so that more information on DLF Projects in Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata can be viewed.

For further details, DLF can be contacted at the following address:

DLF Centre
Sansad Marg,
New Delhi- 110001
Phone : 91-11-42102030
Website: : http://www.dlf.in/dlf/wcm/connect/Corporate/DLF_SITE/HOME