CMDA - Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is a planning authority which was constituted under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act in 1971. The organisation's aim is to develop a "better Chennai". CMDA plays a major role in development of the Chennai Metropolitan Area, with the help of consultations and establishment of effective development plans.

The Chennai Metropolitan Area consists of 306 villages, 28 Town Panchayats and 8 Municipalities among others. Supervision and management of projects operated through non governmental and government organizations.

The urban development projects used innovation strategy and catered for environment improvement (quality) as well. Public awareness and knowledge was also passed on by CMDA. CMDA advised the public about disadvantages of illegal and unauthorized transactions .


Some of the projects undertaken by CMDA are:

  • Outer ring road from Vandalur to Minjur

  • Traffic action plan

  • Urban Development Gallery

  • Detailed Development Plan For Chennai Metropolitan Area

  • Critical Road Widening And Container Terminal Study

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1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore,

Chennai-600 008

Tel: 2841 4855

Fax: 2854 8416

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