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DDA Allotment of Plots and Flats has today become one of the most important activities that DDA or better known as Delhi Development Authority undertakes each year. Delhi Development Authority was formally created in the year 1957. The creation was done under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act. The main idea behind its creation was to promote and secure the development of Delhi.

Today, it is because of the vital role played by Delhi Development Authority that the orderly yet very rapid development of Delhi has successfully been achieved. This developmental wave witnessed across the city has attracted more than 11 million people.

DDA deserves accolades for providing Housing Solutions to numerous residents of Delhi. The procedure applied in allotment of flats is very easy and not very cumbersome for prospective buyers to follow. Generally, after construction of Flats is complete, application are invited by DDA. Many find this invitation of application brings around best possible transparency in the allotment procedure. Once applications are invited from interested home buyers, it warrants these buyers to deposit mandatory amount in designated bank accounts of DDA.

Only because a buyer has deposited requisite deposit amount does not in any way guarantee allotment of a flat. This deposit is the bare minimum amount needed to book these flats that is followed by a computerized draw. Therefore, once you see your name figuring in the list of selected applicants, it is only then that you are required to pay rest of the amount. This aspect is very crucial because it is only on payment of rest of the amount that you get the possession rights of a DDA flat.

In order to give actual benefits to weaker sections of the Delhi population, applications are exclusively sought from weaker and downtrodden section of the society. Today, governmental statistics vouch for this statement and a little of efforts from your end will enable to check veracity and authenticity of this fact. These people are basically allotted DDA (LIG) Flats. Giving them these flats at subsidized rates unable the government to achieve its ultimate objectives of fair housing.

In modern times, it becomes to very difficult for a common man to go personally to a DDA office and seek all the information. Additionally, in situations where information is provided by authorities, these are laced with contradictions and anomalies.

Realizing this crucial factor and bring about a greater degree of accessibility and transparency, DDA has come up with its official website. Presence of this website has especially been of great use for DDA Draw and DDA Auctions.

The website has acquired immense popularity among buyers who are interested in buying DDA Plots. It is essentially the information contained in this website that today you can successfully get updates about DDA Tenders. The website is updated in real time thus making all the information valid and authentic on which you can place your reliance. Of course, for this you will require to keep a constant tab on the website. There are many facilities in the website which a buyer can benefit from. For instance, a buyer can place queries regarding, DDA Housing Registrations, DDA Allotments, DDA Acts or DDA Tenders.

Availability of this information has benefitted prospective buyers in two broad ways. Firstly, with all relevant information a buyer can successfully educate himself/herself. Secondly, he/she can view their status online and check the results of the draws conducted by DDA. However, it may be noted that the formal DDA allotments take place in DDA Headquarters in Vikas Sadan in Delhi.

Before DDA Flats are allotted, this prime Housing Authority of Delhi follows a stringent and transparent rule of demarcating the population into Middle Income Group, Higher Income Group, Lower income Group and Janata Housing. After the credentials and authenticity of papers submitted by buyers are submitted, these are scrutinized on the parameters of income brackets. It is only after that DDA allotments are undertaken. The ultimate aim of bringing the rule of DDA Housing Registrations and the resultant DDA Draws is to maintain a sufficient degree of transparency in allotment of DDA Flats.

The job of DDA is to announce schemes through newspapers and advertisements about the various categories of flats that is available within its banner. On records, DDA has allotted 3.67, 724 flats till the end of 2007. More than fifty per cent of these allotted flats are for people belonging to low income groups.

DDA schemes have also become very popular among citizens. Among such popular schemes are New Pattern Registration Scheme – 1979, Janta Housing, Ambedkar Awas Yojna, Housing Scheme for Punjab Migrants, etc. Out of all these schemes, it is New Pattern Registration Scheme – 1979, and Ambedkar Awas Yojna schemes that has received thumbs up from its beneficiaries. Of course there are many reasons for its grand success. Oone such reason for Ambedkar Awas Yojna scheme is attributed tio the priority given to SC/ST registrations under MIG, LIG and Janta categories.

Similarly, when it comes to DDA Flats, the figures speak for it. For instance, in MIG category, there were 47521 initial registrants for MIG flats while 46278 allotments were made till 31.08.05. Likewise, in LIG category, there were 67502 initial registrants for LIG flats while 59820 allotments were made till 31.08.05. In Janta category, there were 56249 registrants for Janta flats, while 54288 allotments were made till 31.08.05

DDA auctions are one phenomenon that has caught fancy of many. In recent years it has witnessed a remarkable bidding. The bidding amounts have been an astonishing figure in recent years that was actually because of participation by top-notch builders in open bidding. Most of the times, the bidders take part with an intention to make swanky shopping malls and multiplexes. This wide scale demand among these builders has created vibrancy in the real estate market. Even the DDA is benefitted from this mad rush which has enabled it to earn a whopping sum of amount.

Indiahousing.com mentions the contact address of DDA and the website so that updated information on DDA Allotments can be accessed.


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New Delhi- 110023


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