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There are various schemes for housing and commercial projects that are announced by the DDA. There is an identification of land for the same with the availability of all prospects and advantages of location. Following this there is a system of draw that is held by the DDA for the allotment of the same among the people. So what is this whole procedure of a draw that is held?

This is a system that is held for the allocation of apartments, lands and office or retail outlets space to the people. Prior to this the DDA brings out advertisements and insertions in the newspapers and other affiliated media sources. These advertisements are seeking applications from interested citizens ready to be a part of the purchasing process. There are a few conditions which an applicant has to fulfill. Once the applications are submitted within a specified date there is another date when a draw is held on impartial and neutral methods. The results of the names of the applicants that come up are the people who will get the allotments in their names.

The establishment of the authority of the DDA came up in 1957. The aim of this office was to bring forth affordable and quality accommodation facilities for the ever increasing population of Delhi. Also to be included was a systematic and meticulous town planning with infrastructural designs for modern living. There is a simultaneous emphasis laid on the planning of urban resources as well as natural and scenic factors. There is a certain amount of land that is dedicated to the growth and development of natural beauty.

The DDA has been instrumental in the planning and development of various projects in and around Delhi city. One such example is the southwest Delhi locale of Dwarka. This was a remote destination that has now gone on to become one of the most sought after locations.

DDA Apartments

There has been a conscientious effort made by the DDA ever since its establishment to provide quality accommodation facilities for all. The increasing population of Delhi has been a cause of concern especially with the absence of facilities to accommodate them. And more importantly it was also observed that the people who came to Delhi had a diverse background income levels.

With an undaunted spirit and uncompromising ethics the Delhi Development Authority brought about plans for various income groups. These housing and commercial zones were aimed at providing different grades of quality facilities for their applicants. This has brought the comfort of homes to all groups of people from the higher to the middle and even lower income groups of people staying in the city.

For this purpose there are DDA constructed HIG, MIG and LIG flats and apartments that are constructed to tackle the problem. In addition to the housing plans and constructions through DDA Auctions there is equal encouragement shown to the private construction companies and builders. These are companies that have brought about some of the most modern and state of the art accommodation and commercial buildings. However the allocation of DDA plots of land and the DDA flats in Delhi have always been maintained through auctions and a computerized system of draw. Care is taken to see that the process is neutral and impartially carried out.

The allotment of the flats and apartments are carried out in the name of people who have been registered with the DDA’s Housing Registration Schemes. These are done for the facilities and apartments under different the lower income group categories of construction and budgets. For the higher income groups and the middle income groups there is an invitation of applications from the DDA for the Housing Registrations. Following this process and the closure date there is a computerized draw that is held after which the final allotment is done.

DDA Draw Results

There are various considerations that are always taken into account in an application. The applicants can mention their preferred areas or the locations of the flats and apartments that will be allotted to them. Then there are similar choices mentioned in case of the floors on which they want their flats.

There is a difference however. Even though the location aspect is allowed the same is not granted for the floors. So when you have the option to choose which area or region you wish to live you will not be allowed to choose the floor of the same. The results of the DDA draw are completely neutral and random. The allocation of the floors is thus not guaranteed – it may or may not match with your preferences.

DDA Website

The DDA has its official website too which can provide all the detailed information which you may seek. There are all announcements of forthcoming projects and land allocations for different budget groups of people. You can expect advertisements in the media accordingly. The website is the perfect means of updating yourself on the status of your application and the project in which you are interested.

There are all details of the last date of submissions for applications available through the website. You can check for the various projects and their dates according to your preferences. There is detailed information available on the various schemes and their draw dates on which the allocation process would be initiated. The results of these draws are also featured through the website for convenient checking by applicants.

There is a strong recommendation of Indiahousing.com that the website can be your best and safest means of updated news and information. You can keep yourself abreast of all the latest projects that are coming and even the results of all the draws that have taken place. The multitudes of applications make it necessary for you to be adequately informed and take the process in time.

Here is a complete address of the DDA and the official link of its website for your reference.

DDA – Delhi Development Authority

Vikas Sadan,

New Delhi – 110023

Phone – (011) – 2469 0431/ 2469 0435

Website: http://www.dda.org.in/

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