DDA Expandable Flats

DDA or Delhi Development Authority brings over 280 expandable flats in Narela, Bindapur, and Narela Sector B4, Phase I areas under the DDA Housing Scheme 2008. The announcements made by the authority for these DDA expandable flats in Delhi is touted to be not just a chance to own a house but also a lucrative investment opportunity for prospective buyers. Since these Expandable Flats by DDA Housing are around 40% less in cost than the current private market prices, they pose as an affordable solution.

These Expandable flats are available as:

  • Narela Sector B4, Phase - I - 170 Flats - 62.5 to 63.88 sq. mtr. area - Rs. 17.10 to 17. 50 cost

  • Bindapur - 95 Flats - 51.68 sq. mtr. area - Rs. 25.70 cost

  • Narela - 21 Flats - 75.78 to 79.35 sq. mtr. area - Rs. 20.80 to 21.70 cost

In the above mentioned 191 Flats available in Narela along with the 95 Flats in Bindapur area, DDA would provide the ground floor and the owner's can construct two-and-a half floors on their own. These Expandable Flats by DDA would have two small rooms, one small dining-cum-drawing room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. Similar room division is allowed for construction on the first and second floors and single room, kitchen and bathroom on the third floor.

The Application forms for these DDA expandable flats in Delhi would be available through the following counters:

The DDA Expandable Flats application forms would be available from 6th August 2008 with last date of submission on 16th Sept 2008. The registration fee being charged is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs that is to be sent along with the application form as a Demand Draft or Banker's Cheque. This can be financed from the various banks and is refundable in case of non-allotment. Other documents to be attached include Self-attested copy of PAN and Residence proof and Reserve category Certificate wherever applicable.

With the Delhi Metro coming up near Narela, 16 Group Housing Projects by DDA scheduled with sizes varying from 2.5 to 10 Hectare and various business activities developing the DDA expandable flats in Narela would become a gold mine in the property circuits. The provision of further construction on these expandable flats by DDA Housing is an offer of excellent investment.

DDA Website:http://www.dda.org.in/

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