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DDA has informed that it has decided to launch a new housing scheme in August 2012 in Dwarka, Delhi. Visit DDA Housing Scheme August 2012 for more details on the latest auction by the Delhi Development Authority.

New Delhi has served an important position of being the capital city of India since its independence. Ever since and even from a considerable time prior to that the city had been marked for its advantages from the commercial and professional points of view. Over the years there have been several thousands of people that have chosen to shift residence here for urgent and gradual requirements of excelling in their field of work or even in search of new prospects. The influx of more people into the original limits of the city led to a severe shortage of proper residential quarters for all income groups of people. There was also a lack of public facilities that were required.

The need for more places to stay for the increasing number of people led to the utilization of underdeveloped land and making arrangements for the construction of apartments and flats that would sufficiently provide residence to all income groups of people and on convenient terms as well.

About DDA

The full form of this organization is Delhi Development Authority. The organization was established in the year 1957. The main purpose behind its establishment was to provide residential and commercial premises in Delhi. The ever increasing demands were to be analyzed by this department and accordingly develop buildings and constructions in vantage points of the city for allocation and sale to interested applicants and buyers.

Over the year the DDA has been successful in its mission. There have been several projects that have been initiated by them. These have been for residential allocations and even commercial and retail business outlets. There have also been entire townships and complexes built that have created availability of residential quarters along with commercial zones in close proximity. These have also been useful in developing various regions that were hitherto left untouched. Now these are places that have an increased valuation attached to them.

The newly found developments have also brought forth the construction and plans for road plans and a network of efficient system of highways and expressways in recent years. They have facilitated transport within the state to a large extent.

DDA Houses in Delhi

The operations of the DDA have been able to provide quality and affordable accommodation facilities to all kinds of income groups in Delhi. And at the same time the DDA has been a constant source of encouragement for private building and construction companies like the Ansals, Arjun Dev Builders, Purvanchal Construction and many others.

It has made it clear that while there is always a need for architectural feats with state of the art constructions and innovative styles in design layouts of modern buildings a simultaneous emphasis will also be required in the construction of affordable housing and commercial zones. There are different kinds of budgets that are usually kept in mind in order to suit the capacity of a wide range of the people who apply.

Flat Booking with DDA

There is a complete availability of all details and information with the DDA office. There is also an official website of the organization where all upcoming project details are discussed at length. There are specific details available for the procedures of application that are involved.
Here are some of the names of the DDA projects.

  • DDA Dwarka

  • DDA Munirka

  • DDA Narela

These are the names of some of the buildings and developmental work undertaken by the DDA. There are several others that are completed and still others that have been planned as forthcoming projects.

The construction of DDA flats comes in the groups of HIG (higher income groups), MIG (middle income groups) and LIG (lower income groups).there is another category of Janta flats that are also available. For an allocation of any of these categories of flats you need to be registered under any of the housing schemes of your choice of income group and paying capacity. Soon after the completion of the construction of DDA flats these are allocated to various applicants.

There are several advertisements given for public notices also. These are invitations for applications for the allotment of flats in different categories of the flats. There is a brochure that you will have to purchase that will be a comprehensive guide for all your monetary payments and also the required documents. This is available through the DDA sales counter at Vikas Sadan, INA and also through a few selected banks where they are sold across the counters. The advertisements in the newspapers will provide you with the information.

The final selections for the allocations of the DDA flats are made on the basis of the results of a computerized draw. In this there is a random selection of candidates made out of the received applications. It may be noted here that applicants will have the choice to decide the kind of income groups that they wish to be a part of in the wide range of DDA flats. A choice of locality is also available for the applicants. But there will be no choice entertained when it comes to the selection of floors and the sector locations of the flats in a particular project. Physically handicapped and challenged applicants will have 1% registration quota in their name.

The DDA has involved itself with a complete duty of land renovations and developments both within and in the surrounding regions of Delhi. They have concentrated on the constructions of housing and commercial requirements of the state as well as paying enough attention to the need for an ecological balance. There are heritage parks and wildlife reserves too that is created by the DDA and allocation of land made accordingly.

You will see the construction of children’s playgrounds and jogger’s parks along with other areas ideal for walking and spending time in the open spaces that are also built by the DDA. These are located in close proximity of the flats and apartment buildings so that the people can make full use of it and even benefit from the same.


DDA -Delhi Development Authority

Vikas Sadan

New Delhi- 110023



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